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It’s not what you know. It’s who you know. You’ve probably heard the saying countless times, uttered with a sneer of disgust. When it comes to moving your career forward, there are two schools of thought.

The first one believes that you can only get a promotion if you know the right people, meaning that you’re less likely have earned your new position by merit. The second school, however, reckons that everyone has the tools to create professional progress and land their dream position. Just by being themselves. Not by asking others to influence the decision.

If you’re wondering how this can work in the real world, here are the jokers you need in your hand to make a winning move.

A place of trust where you can take an entry position

Building your career starts from day one when you look for your first position after university. Too many students get stuck in a low-income job that accepts beginners without providing them with the environment they need to grow. Your best bet is to look on dedicated platforms such as Gradaustralia for jobs that are specifically targeted at graduates.

They will ensure that the company is actively seeking to train new members of the team, and therefore more likely to invest both time and efforts in introducing you to the business world.

Someone who can provide guidance

There is a time in your career, where you need to make decisions that can affect your team, your projects, and your overall company. Needless to say, this time is unlikely to occur during the first few years after college. However, when you land a managerial position, how can you be sure you’re ready for its challenges?

Working closely with a mentor who understands your situation and who’s got the relevant professional experience to help and advise you can make a great deal of difference. Indeed, too many experts sabotage their chances of progression by lacking the wisdom of age, business know-how, and cultural perception.

Soft skills you can develop to stand out

Practical knowledge is precious. But soft skills are priceless. While you can always tag along a workshop to find out more about particular business theory, you can’t learn to interact effectively with your coworkers and customers from an online course. Adaptability and human relations are crucial in a team. They ensure that you can stay focused on what needs to be achieved without fearing teamwork or a strategic transformation. Soft skills are the keystone that keeps the business stable.

Extra knowledge nobody asks, but everybody loves

Most positions don’t need you to speak a foreign language. However, speaking more than one language keeps your brain alert and active, which reduces the risk of degenerative diseases in old age. More importantly, it indicates an employer that you can provide a different cultural angle to any project. Besides, it makes you an asset for global market strategies and international expansion. When you can cross not only the language but also the cultural barriers between regions, you are equipped to become a reputable leader.

In conclusion, you can’t build a successful career without a few jokers. Thankfully, you’re not on your own. These jokers are available to all, assuming you’re ready to make them work.

*This is a collaborative post.