Side hustle for 2018- Zinny Factor

‘Side hustle’ is one of the key buzzwords this year. If you weren’t one of the many people jumping on the bandwagon this year, it’s still likely you came across the term. A side hustle can be an excellent way to boost your income and who knows where it could lead. However, you don’t have to start one because every other person hs a side hustle. It should be because you want to and have reasons to explore this area.

The good news is that it’s never too late to join the movement, so if you’re looking for ways to grow your money next year, here are some side hustles to think about in 2019.


Blogging is a great way to generate some extra income, and if you’ve got a talent for writing and something worth saying – you could soon find yourself earning a good living from your blog. To stand the best chance of success with your blog, you’ll need to dedicate some time to it, so use the time between now and the New Year to start thinking of ideas for posts to help you get up and running.


Trading can be a good way for you to grow any savings you have and help build a strong retirement fund. By learning how to day trade for a living, you could find yourself embarking on a whole new career as a result of your initial side hustle. Trading comes with its risks, so make sure you know what you’re getting into and do your research before making any moves.

Take your skills freelance

Why not make some additional money from doing what you already do? Going freelance on a side hustle basis can be a good way to top up your income and make some money from your skills. Provided you’ve got some additional hours in the evenings or weekends, your freelance work shouldn’t have to interfere with your 9-5. Start looking around on freelance websites or put the feelers out with friends and family to see if there’s a demand for your services.

Enjoy the Gig Economy

If you don’t have a specific skill that you can market on a freelance basis, there are always other types of work you can do ad-hoc to earn some extra money when you’ve got time. From picking up some proofreading to data entry or even help someone with their social media posts, there are a lot of things you can do to make some cash when you need it. Take a look at some of the best websites for finding gig jobs and help stretch your monthly income.

Whether you choose to run your side hustle from home, your local coffee shop or even a storage unit, there is a range of possibilities out there to help you grow your money. Save it, spend it, the choice is yours, but starting 2019 with a side hustle can be an excellent way to start off your year.

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*This is a collaborative post.