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How Mentorship Has Helped Me

A few years ago, I didn’t think mentorship was important. Today, I can attest to how important having a mentor is as I’ve gained immensely from it and can tell you that it’s a lifesaver. Is there one way to find a mentor? The answer is no.

At every stage in our lives we look out for direction, most usually from those who have had similar experiences in that path – a mentor. Whether it’s an official or unofficial arrangement is a different discussion. What’s most important is deriving the benefits that come from mentorship.

My world of mentorship all started the day I decided to join a friend for a networking event. At first, I was skeptical about going to the event but summoned up courage as I wanted to mingle a bit. Finding a mentor can happen anytime and anywhere, but you have to put yourself out there to look and network. Active listening and conversation can help, and so can Christian Business Incubator reviews. These can help you to figure out where to get the best mentor for your career.

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