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Becoming a nurse is a career aim for many people, but are you sure that this is the right career path for you to pursue? There are so many things that you have to consider and take into account when deciding which career path is right for you, and it’s worth delving into this in more depth before you decide for sure. Even if you are 100% sure that you want to be a nurse, you might be wondering how difficult the job is.

To help you learn more about what it’s like to be a nurse and how you go about becoming one, we’re going to outline some of the details below. This should give you the information you need and learn what it’s like to be a full-time nurse.

It’s always worth being armed with the facts when you’re about to enter a new career and start working in a job that you maybe haven’t ever done before. So read on now to find out more.

The Job is Demanding

The first thing to be aware of is the fact that this job is certainly a very demanding one. It’s never plain sailing and there are always things to take care of and metaphorical fires to put out. Just as you’re finished with one patient, another will be demanding your assistance and attention.

So if you enjoy being on your toes and constantly busy throughout the day, this will certainly be a job that appeals to you because it’s very, very demanding.

Hours Can Sometimes be Unsocial

The hours you work as a nurse are not always the most social, and you will probably be on some kind of rota meaning you won’t always be working the hours that you most want to work. Patients require help and medical attention 24 hours a day, so nurses need to be there to offer that help and assistance.

If you just want a regular 9 to 5 that’s never going to get in the way of your social life, nursing probably isn’t the career for you.

You Might See and Experience Quite Shocking Things

There are lots of shocking and sad things that happen in hospitals. People pass away and you witness people experiencing great pain for all kinds of reasons each day. That’s what nurses have to deal with on a daily basis and there’s no getting away from that. Of course, there are different types of nursing and some will expose you to more extreme things than others. But you do always have to be able to deal with things that might appear shocking.

You’ll Need to Train and Get Qualified

Nursing isn’t the kind of job that you can simply walk into and start doing right away. Before that happens and before you can start working with patients, you will need to attend one of the nursing schools in your area and receive the correct training.

Only when you’ve been properly trained and got all the relevant and necessary qualifications will you be able to start working and getting hands-on experience.

Job Opportunities Can be Competitive as a Nurse

When you’re starting out and trying to secure your first job as a nurse, it can be tricky for you. For a start, you’re at a disadvantage because you don’t have the experience that other nurses might, meaning the task of securing that first job feels very challenging and very competitive. However, nurses are always in demand so if you persist and keep applying for jobs, you will eventually find one that works for you, so don’t give up.

There Are Lots of Different Types of Nursing

There are so many different directions you can take your career in when you decide you want to be a nurse. You don’t have to stick to one way of working because there are so many niche areas out there. You could work as an outpatient nurse or an anesthetist nurse. And those are just two examples with so many others in between. Be sure to explore them all in depth before you decide what kind of nurse you want to be.

It’s Also a Very Rewarding Job

No matter what hardships and struggles are involved in working as a nurse, you should also know that this work is very rewarding. When you spend your days helping other people get better, it’s great to see your work pay off in the end. That’s the kind of experience and the kind of feeling that you simply don’t get in most other jobs. Being able to say you really make a difference is a rare thing in life.

There’s Clear Career Progression Options to Aim For

There are many ways to progress in your career as a nurse. It’s not difficult to rise through the ranks once you prove yourself and start to gain experience. Senior nurses earn more money, so knowing that you can progress in this career and eventually boost your income can be a real relief. Every ambitious person wants to take themselves as far as they can possibly go in their career.

You’ll be Able to Push Yourself in New Ways Each Day

The challenges involved in working as a nurse each day are huge. Like it or not, you’ll be forced to push yourself in new directions each day and challenge yourself in new ways all the time. If you want to avoid becoming complacent or stagnant in your career, nursing might be the career for you because you always have to be on your toes. The challenges never stop coming and it means that your work never, ever gets boring.

Becoming a nurse and dealing with all the challenges that come with being a nurse won’t be easy. But if you’re passionate about doing a job that allows you to help people and have a positive impact on the world each day, you should push ahead and go for it because why not?

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