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Did you know that you can run a business out of your self-storage unit? Many people only think about it and do not know that it is very possible. While you can’t sit in the unit and operate a business, you can use the storage unit to your benefit to help you manage your own business.

So, what type of businesses can you run from your storage unit? We will look at the top four businesses that do great and soon, you may be on your way to a business run from a local storage unit.

Craft Business

The craft business is booming, and many individuals must keep a lot of supplies on hand to make the crafts they promise their customers. Homes are sometimes just too small to house all these items, and this can leave crafters on the hunt for more space.

Whether you sell crafts at the local fair or you run your craft business online, you can keep craft supplies and completed crafts right in your storage unit and grab them when you make a sale or need to head out to the craft show.

Lawn Care Business

A lawn care business is very lucrative, and many individuals turn to it as a side job to help them pay extra bills or pad their savings account. Fortunately, a lawn care business can be run right from your storage unit and you will benefit from the additional space it has to offer you. One of the nice things about a storage unit for your lawn care business is that you can often leave your trailer at the unit as well.

This way, when you have a customer ready, simply head in, hook up the trailer and equipment, and head out to make money. In addition, if you live in a location where you would store your lawn equipment for winter, you can do that with minimum effort.

eBay or Online Business

Many individuals start out selling their products online and whether you have a storefront on Amazon, eBay, or somewhere else, you need a place to keep your items you plan to sell. A storage unit is very ideal for this type of business because you will have a lot of inventory and items to store.

You will find that you can keep any items you have already priced and listed and items that you plan to price and list. Of course, make sure you keep them separated so you do not get confused.

Home Repair Business

Like the lawn care business, you can make a storage unit work for you if you run a home repair business. You will have the opportunity to store your items, tools, and any parts needed inside of the unit. You do want to make sure the unit is close to your location so that you can get the items you need when you need them.

Many Business Can Be Run from a Self-Storage Unit

These are just four types of businesses you can run from your storage unit. There are many others that would do well, and you can make a side income or your mainstream income from these businesses too.

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