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If your job is making you miserable, then this might sound like a typical thing that most people have to put up with from time to time.

But, a job has the potential to affect many parts of your life negatively, as it is like a dark shadow that dominates your life. You talk about it with friends, partners, and even kids – it can consume you – and it can certainly bring you down.

We saw a movie a few days ago. Long story short, the lead role quit her job because she wanted to start thinking outside the box for a while. This is a valid reason but it was so dramatic as with most movies.

“I QUIT!” she stormed out! She wasn’t going to change her mind despite several pleas from her boss and colleagues.

Naturally, this sparked our curiosity and my friend and I started discussing in general how most movies aren’t too realistic. Is this what really happens in real life?

Not sure about you. But, from my folks and what I have witnessed from others, quitting is usually one of the last options after everything is taken into consideration. I mean, you’ve got bills and responsibilities attached to being an adult in today’s world.

It’s most realistic to be upset, get all worked up and then go back to your desk, do your job, maybe let off steam by telling a friend about your situation. You go home and start applying for a new job aggressively!

This time around you are careful because you are now certain what you don’t want out of your next job and career. You’ll also have to figure out how you are going to attend those in-person interviews.

Let’s be plain honest. Many of these movies should add a bit of reality in their storytelling. I wouldn’t be mentioning the name of the movie because there were other take-home lessons.

There is, of course, a fine line between putting up with a job you dislike and your employer crossing the line to the point you need to contact an employment lawyer in order to enforce your rights and assert your boundaries.

But for the majority of people that feel miserable in a job, the prospect of change looms on the horizon.

That said, we are often fearful of change. Many people would prefer to stay with what they know, even if that ultimately makes them unhappy. Change can feel uncomfortable and can be frightening to some.

Yet, the only thing that tends to make change frightening to people is the aspect of uncertainty usually coupled with the prospect of change.

You might have a miserable job, but there’s a sense of certainty you have from going to the job, knowing it is there and provides certain benefits.

Often, when people complain about their job and have it taken away, they suddenly appreciate the benefits the job offered, and long to be back in a position they once felt miserable in.

Why? Because we are creatures of habit. And often, a known hell is preferred to an unknown heaven such that people often ask themselves the question: “what if the ‘new’ thing ends up being worse than the old thing?”

The same is true of relationships, oftentimes, people will stay in an unfulfilling relationship on the basis it’s something they know.

Therefore, if you want a change but are stuck in a state of procrastination in this respect, you need to create a future situation with one particular ingredient – certainty that things can be better.

You also need to believe in the possibility that things can be better. The certainty of having something in place that you know will be better is ultimately what helps people create the change needed in their lives.

In summary, the reason people stay in jobs that make them miserable could be that they fear change which is linked to the fear of the unknown and the fear of loss.  The one thing you must do to push yourself over the threshold of taking action is to ensure you create a plan that feels certain.

This could look like lining up interviews and actually getting an offer of a new job, prior to leaving your current one. Or it could be as simple as a detailed plan that you can follow in order to propel yourself forward in the direction of your dreams. Download our Resume Template for free.

What plan will you be creating today to reflect your goals for the future? Leave a comment below if you found this article helpful. Check out a previous article detailing how growing a career as an employee can be challenging yet fulfilling.

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*This is a collaborative post.