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When it comes to our career challenges, some of us really don’t always know what we want to do. Some are lucky and they find their dream careers, but others are never too sure what to do until they start in work and figure it out later down the road. The issue may not be the actual career, but more of you just feel you need a fresh idea or challenge to motivate you and excite you.

So if you find yourself wanting to take on a new career challenge then these are the steps you should think about taking.

Really think about what you want

One of the first things that you should do is really think about what you want to do. What are you wanting to get out of a challenge? What is it that you are hoping to achieve? Knowing what you want to do can really help you to ensure that you focus on the right areas.

It might be that the challenge is a job promotion or a complete change of career. It might be that you want to try something new, step out of your comfort zone or set something up yourself. Whatever it is, knowing what you want can help you set yourself the targets and goals to achieve it.

Think about your resume

Maybe you need to think about the challenges and how you are going to achieve them, and if it requires new employment or perhaps applying for a new role, then your resume is one of the best ways to actually catch the eye of the people who could make this your reality.

Ensure that your resume is specific to what job and career you want. This is so you can tailor any experience you have to the new role, and be seen as a real potential candidate. Ensure you not only put employment history down but also some of the experience, courses, and qualifications you have and even a personal statement most likely in your cover letter to help you shine. This is your chance to make a decent first impression.

Consider new career challenges abroad

Maybe the challenge isn’t necessarily here, it is a challenge really out of your comfort zone. Maybe working abroad or in a different country is something you have wanted to do. Or an opportunity comes up and you just can’t ignore it.

Often this can be a challenge not because of the career aspect but also the change to your lifestyle. There is paperwork to fill out, complete and applications for things like the h1b visa sponsorship. But it could also be something that really shapes you as a person. You learn a lot about yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone and making a real change. This could be one of the hardest challenges, but also one that could be extremely worthwhile.  

What about a volunteering option

Finally, maybe volunteering is your thing. Perhaps you like the idea of doing something for charity or gaining experience in a different industry. There are always things you could volunteer for and many charities have them on their websites if you wanted to be part of an expedition or campaign.

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*This is a collaborative post.