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The weather is gradually changing and even though I’m not all for it, I realize that nature will take its course. For the time being, I’m still enjoying the weather and rocking lighter clothes while it lasts!

I have a colleague who is in love with Winter and loves it when it snows! Alright, to be fair, it’s usually much warmer when it snows anyway. However, if you are like me, who isn’t in love with colder months then you have to emotionally brace yourself up for what is to come.

Confession time: I don’t like that I have to layer up in countless clothes so that I feel somewhat warm. Or that after I’ve worn hundreds of clothes, I feel heavy and it takes so much time! I certainly don’t like the wind and freezing rain and never enjoyed the days when I had to shovel snow.

Pheeeew! It felt good to clear that out.
Now that the weather is changing, you’ll agree that this is the best time to talk about this. Many workers understandably shrug during cold months. Many of us, yes ‘us’, because, me inclusive, would rather sleep in. But if you are like most adults, well, you know you have to work! And if you are also like me who takes the public transit on work weeks, then it can even be more annoying especially when the buses are slow or the subway is delayed.

Alright, let’s dive in.

1. Stock up on quality clothes and boots

This goes without saying but I’ll write this for mostly immigrant workers. It took me a while to figure that I wasn’t wearing proper boots. You should have at least one winter boot (for days when it snows) and one or two regular boots.

Quality sweaters, scarfs, winter hats, thick socks, and mittens are a must have. You need at least two jackets, one for Fall/ Autumn and another for Winter. For your Winter jacket, make sure you are getting one with a hood aka hoodie because it certainly comes in handy and keeps your ears from freezing. Don’t be like me who initially bought one without a hood and dreaded it. For Fall jackets, you might opt out for a regular jacket without a hood but ensure that it is waterproof for days when it rains and you don’t have your umbrella with you.

Ensure that you invest in proper boots that will keep you warm and dry because nothing sets the day off more than wet cold socks during your commute.

2. Regularly check your weather app

The truth is that I haven’t really made a ritual of checking my weather app every day but I never forget to do so during Winter. Yes, that’s how much I want to keep warm. Checking your weather app will help you dress for the weather of each day. Remember to go with the ‘real feel’ as opposed to the normal weather.

It’ll also be good to monitor the public transit frequency and time. So get the appropriate transit app for your region downloaded on your phone.

3. Discover what your winter activity is

There is truly a thing like Winter depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). During colder months, you find that many people are hibernating and the streets are empty as everyone is trying to keep warm inside. As a result, it can be depressing for some people.  So what’s the way out? Find Winter activities that keep you lively!

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor (because you really want to take advantage of the weather haha!), all that’s important is that you are mentally healthy. Skiing, skating or indoor activities like going to an arcade, playing games, food tasting or trying out recipes, visiting museums, visiting the movies, etc.. are great ideas. Find what works for you and spend time enjoying it. And if you are a more of an introvert, you’ll do well with movies and popcorn, a game maybe and a duvet for the days when you want to stay in.

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4. Spend time with your loved ones

As discussed, many people are indoors during the colder months, so spending time with those you love will be a good idea at this time. Work and life’s needs can change your priorities, however, with the number of holidays during the colder months, it helps make it possible.

Spending time and sharing experiences with those that make you happy helps increase your emotional wellbeing and reduces work-related stress.

Extra Tips

Finally, you can make the best out of Winter by planning a short trip to somewhere warm if possible. According to research, planning a vacation might make you feel happier as it will help keep you in the right frame of mind beforehand and work as a quick escape. If your workplace is usually cold, take a portable heater along and leave it at work for the colder months, at least that’s what I’ve done for myself at work!

Also, an extra shoe at work won’t be a bad idea as you can change into those to feel more comfortable. You may also want to wake up a few minutes early in the event that you need to shovel snow or scrape ice and if there is a delay or traffic. This will avoid keeping you cranky and you will resume work on time too.

These are a few tips that have helped me in the past. Do you have more tips to share and do you love Winter? Leave a comment below as I’d love to know!

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