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Recruitment isn’t the same as it was a decade ago. It is true that job descriptions are still a constant way to post an open position; however, technology has brought a change in the recruitment process.

Many disprove some of the positive changes that technology has brought. However, we all must agree that it’s also brought about innovations in the hiring process.

It’s important for companies to think about the best practices and mediums with which it can attract the best candidates who are millennial while taking advantage of the benefits of technology.

From recent studies, 86% of HR professionals agree that recruitment is becoming more like marketing.

Consider mobile savvy candidates during the recruitment process

In the distribution of job postings, it’s important that you consider mobile friendly candidates.

Today, candidates are looking out for effective channels at which to apply for jobs even when on the move. Since many people have access to the internet even in their pockets, make use of this opportunity to advertise job openings in order to improve your recruiting efforts.

Improve your online presence

Employers should at all times maintain a good online presence because potential candidates can learn more about the company’s mission, vision, goals, etc. This is an opportunity for a company to market its brand and attract strong talent.

Don’t leave out job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor who now afford past or current interviewees and employees the opportunity to rate your company in terms of the interview process, company culture, pay, benefit, etc.

Ensure that you have a good image online by being a caring employer who looks into the needs of its employees. Do not go about posting fake reviews online as we’ve heard of this in the past. It’s plain unethical.

Make use of social media

Recruitment has changed in the sense that candidates can now be contacted despite their distance. Interviews can now be conducted via Skype or other social media platforms.

Job openings can be advertised on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. because potential candidates can be targeted via these channels rather than the traditional job boards or magazines. Your business can also share job opportunities on a career portal available on your website.

Maintain a talent pool

With the rise of AI, ATS, and HRIS, recruiters have the opportunity and resources to quickly scan through a pool of candidates as soon as there is a job opening.

These tools help streamline the process of searching for qualified candidates and makes hiring much easier.

Diversity hiring

Workplace diversity continues to remain at the forefront of recruitment because of its many benefits. It creates the sharing of ideas and brings opportunity for cross-cultural knowledge.

Millennials are attracted to an organization that sees the need for diversity and this is now commonly accepted. Companies should consider diversity and inclusion during the hiring process. It’s not enough to list this on your website but you should also go ahead to implement.

Although more candidates prefer to have human touch at the initial stages of recruitment if technology will speed up the process they’ll be open to it. It’s the duty of organizations to ensure that the initial stages of the recruitment process is attractive to candidates and meets expectations so as to attract top candidates.

Do you have other ideas to share? How do you think technology has affected your business in its hiring?

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