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Jobs are changing all the time including the necessary skills, and you need to be flexible and ready to change with it or you will get left behind and may find yourself out of work.

There are some skills employers love to see, that if you do not have already you can develop. These will make your job more secure, and may even lead to advancement.

If you are looking for a better job, or advancement within your current company, what are the skills that employers like to see?

Social Media Engagement

Businesses have changed the way they work, and these days’ social media is a large part of any marketing strategy. It is, however, time-consuming and if you show an aptitude for it that can be a big plus for your employer.

Understanding the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, and how they can be used for business purposes effectively, is something there seems to be a lack of in the US employment market.

A recent survey showed that only 21% of workers in the US know how to use Twitter, for example. Another survey showed that employers prefer candidates with a sound knowledge of social media platforms and that this is a definite advantage over candidates without it.

Understand Data Reports

There are lots of online tools that supply data about how a business is faring, either with social media success, other marketing methods, or in the manufacturing process among other things. Data is great if you understand it, but not much good at all if you don’t.

Learn how to analyze the data reports these online tools produce, and you will be able to give your employers insights that might have otherwise been lost to them. They will be very grateful for this, and glad that you are one of their employees.

These reports can show you how the entire company operates, which can be useful if you want a position in another department, for instance. The more you know about the company you work for, the more likely you will be considered for any promotions that come along.

CPR and First Aid qualifications

Qualifications in cardiopulmonary resuscitation – better known as CPR and first aid certification for childcare, office-based work and even for animal care, for example, are a definite advantage if you are looking to impress an employer. Accidents can happen in any industry or profession, none of them are exempt.

All workplaces should have someone with first aid qualifications, so employers love to see them on your work record.

Be Ready To Learn

You may think you know all there is to know about your job, but there is always something new to learn. With technology moving at the pace it is, everything is being changed, sometimes on a daily basis.

Be ready to learn about new programs and other new innovations that are meant to help you, and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if you need it. Be prepared to change your ways to suit new developments, or perhaps under new management. You need to show that you are flexible and adaptable as these are trait welcomed by all employers.

Deal With The Challenges

If a new challenge presents itself in your job, don’t just give up and walk away. Problem solvers are highly valued in any business so meeting challenges head-on is the way to go. Let your management see that you are working on a solution, and when you have solved the problem let them know.

Employers like to see that you can thrive in tough situations, that you are resilient and will recover from setbacks once you have resolved the issue.

Problem solvers are often leaders as well, the two qualities often go together. Not only will your employers recognize this but probably the people you are working with will too.

These are qualities that employers are very thankful for, and ones that will show them that you care about what you do.

Use Your Creativity

Everyone has a creative streak; it is often just a case of finding it. After problem-solving, many employers put creativity as the next most important thing on a list of things they like to see an employee able to do.

They are not particularly looking for you to design new products or services, but they need you to be creative in your job. Can you see ways to streamline the work, or ways of saving money? Have you found a fresh approach to the job that will make the task easier for all the workers?

New designs for products and services are great, but they are not the only way for you to be creative.

Improve Your Skills

As your job evolves, your skills need to as well. You need to keep up to date with any changes that affect the way you work, or that perhaps mean you need another qualification you do not have. That needs not be a daunting prospect.

Online courses are available in all subjects, and they let you work at your own pace to fit in with your lifestyle. They usually give you a little longer to complete the work than if you attend College or University, but the qualification at the end is exactly the same.

There are some skills where you can teach your self from online resources that are available for free. You will not get a certificate at the end of it, but it can be a good way to learn some basic skills in things such as analyzing data or getting a grip with social media, and more and more employees are going to be open to these kinds of things as we move forward. You could also highlight this on your LinkedIn profile to show your progress.

Making changes is how companies stay competitive, and there is no way to avoid them if they want to remain profitable. If you are able to show that you are prepared to change as well, that you have the skills they need and are prepared to learn new ones, you will be a valuable member of their workforce and your job will be somewhat safe.

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*This is a collaborative post.