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Do you have an insatiable thirst for travel (i.e to be a digital nomad) that can never be quenched no matter how many times you may go on vacation?

Do you only really feel alive when immersed in different cultures and embroiled in the exotic sights, sounds, smells and tastes of somewhere new?

Do you quickly get itchy feet whenever you’ve remained stationary for too long? Do you work remotely and your office is basically wherever you plug in your laptop.

If you’ve answered yes to all of the following questions, you likely find your current pace of life restrictive.

If the above seems achingly familiar, it’s likely that life as a digital nomad may be for you!

There’s really no better way to reconcile your love of travel with your working or freelancing commitments and for travel bugs, the world over it really is the only way to live. But if you choose this life, be warned that it has its caveats.

Even the most hardened travel bug can get homesick

You likely feel that your home is wherever you hand your hat (or rucksack) but living without a permanent base can be bamboozling, even if you’re used to moving home so often that you have in your browser’s bookmarks.

Try not to beat yourself up too much about feelings of homesickness and reconcile yourself to the fact that they’re pretty much inevitable. When homesickness strikes don’t be afraid to think about the things you miss about home, but be sure to counter it by thinking of all the things that drove you crazy there too, and remember that on balance this is most certainly the life for you.

Forgetting to backup can be disastrous

Remember that scene in Attack of the Clones where Obi Wan Kenobi admonishes Anakin Skywalker for losing his lightsaber. Yeah, that… but with laptops.

Your laptop is your life! It contains your work, your contacts and the means by which you earn your bread and butter. But when your livelihood depends on taking it out on the road, the risk factor inevitably rises.

A digital nomad’s life can be ruined if their laptop is lost, damaged or stolen while on the road. For this reason it’s essential to ensure that you backup your work regularly and diligently.

This can make the difference between the loss of your laptop being an expensive inconvenience and a life ruining experience.

Make finding good WiFi your first port of call when arriving somewhere new

The great thing about being a digital nomad is that you get to travel to exotic new locations all the time. But when you arrive there, it’s essential to get your priorities straight.

Finding reliable free WiFi is absolutely integral to your survival as a digital nomad, so make that your first port of call. While the idea of working in a classy cafe in Paris or Prague or a beachfront bar in Anguilla may be romantic, it’s not something you can realistically hope to do every day and still make your deadlines. Look for an office area or communal area in your hotel or hostel with strong WiFi.  

Once you’re prepared for the life lessons of being a digital nomad, you’re primed to enjoy the freedom and experience that it brings!

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*This is a collaborative post.