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Getting your first job is an exciting time in anyone’s life; you have a real taste of independence when you’re making money for yourself by yourself. You can really stand on your own two feet in your own house that’s been paid for by you!

But the process is never as simple as that, unfortunately, and finding a job is harder than ever. So more and more people are going far and wide to secure themselves a place, and there’s a lot of benefits and drawbacks to that.

But to try and make that process simpler, here are a couple of ways you can help yourself when it comes to refining your job search.

Just because you have to search wider than you’d like to doesn’t mean it has to be an even harder search than trying to stay local!

Test the Field First

Relocation is hard to do, and you’re never going to be able to undertake a decision like it lightly.

You need to find yourself a place to live, a place that’s conveniently close to the job you’ve got in mind, you need to be able to connect with the people around you in order to get a local support network, and you need to be comfortable in the area you live in.

It’s a lot to sacrifice for just one job, so make sure you test the field first.

Look into who is hiring in areas away from you before actually applying to anything, and look up statistics of the neighborhood these companies are in.

See if anyone you already know lives nearby and will let you stay in a spare room or on their couch for a week or so until you find your feet. Do some extensive research; you’ve got the time to, even if you feel you’re up against the clock.

Look into a Job Specifically for Travelers

It might not be what you want to do long term, seeing as most people want to be able to settle down, make friends, and generally enjoy the neighborhood they’ve found themselves in, but it’s your best bet.

So if you just look up a simple list of jobs that are perfect for people who want to travel, you can see if you can fit into any of the options they offer! Even those with serious qualifications can find openings like that of a travel nurse job placement, so it always pays to widen your parameters.

Not to mention, being able to travel whilst you work can really open up the world for you, and diversify your skills and talent. And this makes for a much better, fleshed out resume when you come back home again.

Try for a job in your chosen field now and see how much better your applications turn out!

You’re never going to be out of options, as long as you’re willing to go in search of them. Don’t let the job market beat you, and try using it against itself!

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*This is a collaborative post.