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When you start browsing the job market for potential employers, chances are that you’re likely to feel a little overwhelmed. There are so many positions out there and each seems to have its own strict list of requirements.

It seems that employers are becoming increasingly picky when it comes to choosing their employees and expectations are higher than ever. The hardest part of the process? Accepting that there are more people looking for work than ever. Competition amongst potential candidates is fierce, so it can often feel that employers can afford to be extremely particular in their choices.

But not to worry. There are certain steps that you can carry out in order to stand apart from the competition and shine. Here are just a few for you to consider.

Additional Educational Qualifications

If you are looking at specialist jobs, chances are that you already have the necessary qualifications to consider applying for advertised roles. However, the truth is that anyone else seriously applying for the position probably has these qualifications too – after all, they’re a prerequisite for being considered.

Where can you stand out? By holding additional academic qualifications. If a position requires an undergraduate degree and you happen to have an undergraduate degree and have completed an online accredited MBA program, the employer is highly likely to favor you. Achieving a masters degree shows a willingness to go the extra mile. It shows your dedication to your field of interest, and also shows an eagerness and willingness to learn more than many would consider necessary.

If you have a professional certification, that can also be an added advantage. However, be careful not to have too many qualifications without having a little bit of work experience for starters to avoid being ‘overqualified’ for a position.

Have Your References Ready and Waiting

It’s not necessary for you to include references on your resume. But it’s always a good idea to have some references and recommendations ready and waiting. Why? Well, these checks generally come towards the end of the hiring process and if your potential position wants to see them, they’re looking for a final piece of confirmation that you are going to be a great employee.

Having a positive reference will essentially give your potential employer a green light to go ahead with offering you the position. So you want to be able to offer one as quickly as possible. Waiting could give your potential employer the impression that you may be scraping the barrel trying to find someone who has something positive to say about you and can be off-putting.

Have Legal Documentation Ready and Waiting

When you start a new job, you generally have to show legal documentation to prove your identity. Now, many people will already have this on hand. But you don’t want to be offered a job only to realize that you have lost your passport, police clearance check or driver’s license (where required) and don’t have any solid evidence that you are who you say you are.

Requesting new ID can cause delays, which could lead to you being dismissed and replaced before you even step foot through the door. This is why you should ensure that you have both originals and copies of your identification ready and waiting throughout the entire process.

The key to making yourself as appealing to potential employers as possible is to be one step ahead of your competition and to also pose as few delays as possible!

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