When you’re trying to plan medical careers, it’s always useful to think about the future. What the job market will look like in the future can affect your prospects and your chances of doing well.

If you’re considering some medical careers, things usually look fairly bright in a number of areas. Take a look at these top roles for job growth in the medical field.

Medical and Health Services Managers

Working in medical careers doesn’t always mean being in direct contact with patients. Many people, including many higher earners, work in managerial or administrative roles.

Medical and health services managers make decisions about health services. In 2016, nearly 70,000 jobs were predicted for the next ten years.

Specialist Doctors and Surgeons

Becoming a doctor is rarely going to leave you out in the cold where job prospects are concerned. It’s highly skilled, and there are many different specialisms and general roles. It’s the specialisms that are likely to be in more demand in the future, with salaries of around $200,000.

Nurse Practitioners

There are many different nursing roles that you can explore. Nurse practitioners help with treatment and diagnosis, and with median salaries of around $100,000 can earn a lot more than you might think.

Registered Nurses

Registered nurses are also in demand. In fact, hundreds of thousands of new positions are predicted to open up in the next few years. A registered nurse might not earn as much as a Nurse Practitioner, but it’s still rated as one of the best jobs.

Carson-Newman Nursing Infographic: Why Nursing is a Great Career  

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