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Most workers spend a lot of time at work and so it’s expected that relationships should be built. Initially, working for more than forty hours a week was considered overtime. However, according to a recent study by Gallup, nowadays most people are working over forty hours a week.

Another survey found out that many workers spend an average of forty-seven hours a week at work. This means that workers are spending a lot of time together at work. Considering this, it is prudent to find ways of building effective relationships in the workplace.

Below are some ways of building meaningful relationships between workers.

Peer Recognition

Peer recognition in the workplace has shown to help build better relationships. In addition, peer recognition increases engagement and productivity among workers.

The employer can encourage employees to recognize each other or can also create a peer recognition program for the employees. Appreciating the existence of other workers is the first step to developing effective workplace relationships.

In a 2014 research by TinyPulse, seventy-nine percent of the two hundred thousand respondents indicated that they felt undervalued in their places of work. There are many advantages to maintaining peer recognition in workplaces. For instance, it creates a sense of oneness and team spirit among employees.

On an employee level, it’s also a good idea to show your colleague at work that you recognize and value their efforts.

Team Building Games Or Activities

Team building activities are meant to build employees together and to build good working relationships. Most of these team building activities are mandatory and some employees participate not because they want to but because they have to.

However, those interested in building stronger relations with fellow co-workers take advantage of these activities. Although the activities are meant to bring employees together, tensions between employees may hinder the intentions of the activities.

Team building games are one of the ways in which you can be able to maintain effective working relationships with colleagues. Puzzles games such as wooden puzzles or brain teasers are good ways of engaging employees together.

Puzzle games are meant to test and at the same time have fun. They challenge the brain to solve problems and achieve goals and can be a good way of engaging employees during team building activities.

Get Moving

During working time, it always feels good to get away from your desk and move around. Taking breaks between working hours can be a good way of building engagement with fellow co-workers.

In addition, exercising during these breaks help to recharge the brain and also boost mood. According to a study by the Psychology of Sport and Exercise, a twenty-minute exercise can significantly help to boost mood for longer hours. Since these exercises help to improve mood and happiness, participating with co-workers can be a good way to build connections.

However, it does not necessarily mean going to the gym to lift weights and running on the treadmill, taking a walk for a few minutes can be very helpful.

Maintain Boundaries

Establishing boundaries is very fundamental in maintaining a lasting relationship at work. It is important to differentiate between work and personal matters.

In addition, it is important to understand how and when to limit interactions. This may help to avoid situations that might cause conflicts. The more employees understand each other’s need, the more it is easy to build formidable relationships.

Effective Communication

It is important to understand different methods such as emails, phone, etc. of communicating with fellow employees. While others may prefer a phone call because it’s quicker, others might prefer emails to keep records of their actions.

Emails are the most common medium of communication used in most working places. There are several things to consider when using an email.

First, it is prudent to ensure the subject is relevant and also to keep the email as concise as possible. Secondly, do not include people that are not involved in the topic. Others might consider it rude when they are included in topics that do not concern them.

Thirdly, avoid involving people in email conversations that they are not interested in. Although sometimes fellow workers might not respond to emails or phone calls, approach them in a respectful manner instead of informing their seniors. Going behind other employees’ back to their seniors might create conflict.

Be Careful With Social Media

Social media has made the ability to communicate become instantaneous and easy. The array of social media platforms enables people to update pictures, videos or comment on a variety of topics. However, lack of caution in exercising social freedom increases the potential for conflicts and disagreements in workplaces.

For instance, an employee can use social media to post a derogatory message about a fellow employee that can cause conflict. On the other hand, social media gives employees unprecedented access to fellow employees’ private lives. Therefore, employees should understand that opinions expressed on social media platforms about other employees are visible to the whole world. The only way to avoid confrontations with fellow employees is to exercise caution at all times when using social media.

An organization cannot progress when there are disagreements among employees. Building effective relationships is the best way of bringing employees together and to foster cordial working relationships. Trust, respect, and diversity are some of the pillars of a good relationship. The management together with the employees has to play their part to ensure cohesiveness in the workplace. Effective relationships are essential to achieving success.

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