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When you start working for a company, one of the first things you will have to find out is what their dress code is. As a company, most of the time you will want your workers dressed in smart attire or attire which matches each other. A uniform is a way to bring the company together and to show that you are all one unit even if you are individual members of the team.

If you are looking for ideas for a uniform for your company this year, here are some for you.


The first type of uniform we will talk about is suits. Usually used in an office setting, suits are a great way to make everyone feel uniform and smart without actually handing them a uniform to wear.

Every employee can pick a suit or dress which is smart and which suits them. And they will be able to wear this around the office every day to look smart and professional. If you are stuck on ideas for a dress code, this is the most simple of all.

A simple tee

For those who work in a retail setting or work for a zoo or theme park, the best uniform to give out would be a brightly colored tee which has your logo on it. The reason for this is that these will allow staff members to be spotted in a crowd and it will make it easier for people to go up to them for help when they need it. You can also provide logo hoodies or jumpers for the Winter, and tank tops for the Summer if you work in a hot place.

Scrubs and tunics

For anyone who works in the medical or scientific industry, a simple idea for a uniform would be either a lab coat, a tunic or scrubs. These clothes are typically made from durable material, they are comfortable and they protect you from spillages of chemicals or bodily fluids if you are in a hospital. These are a great option for people who work with food too because it will keep the kitchen sanitary throughout the day.

Fashion clothes

If you are a fashion brand or a beauty brand who are looking to create physical stores in the city, you might not want to wear the same kind of uniform as others do. You can stipulate a black and white only rule, but let your workers choose what they want to wear.

They could wear dresses, jeans, shirts or skirts. As long as it fits a color scheme it can look more fashionable and modern than other companies. You can add cute badge reels to their uniforms with name tags so that they are easy to spot by customers.

Practical clothes

For the outdoor workers or warehouse staff, clothes need to comfortable and practical all year long. You will need a simple pair of jeans, boots, tees, and jackets which have your logo on and can be easily spotted in a crowd.

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