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Whether you are a freelancer or would like to expand or reorganize your business, you will need some help during the transition period. Growth comes with a lot of stress and frustration, and you will sometimes need to take a step back to see things clearly.

Below you’ll find a few tips on how to avoid burnouts while growing your venture.

Stop Micromanaging

If you are planning your business growth, you are not likely to have time to do the administration and supervise your staff. You should focus on the big picture, instead of the small details.

During the period of growth in your business, you should focus on the objectives, and you might want to get a project manager to plan and execute the changes, instead of working 10-18 hours a day and exhausting yourself.

Automate Work For Business Growth

If your volumes have increased or you have to improve your quality or processes, you can’t carry on using the same old school methods. It might be time to automate some of the business processes to free up time for other things, such as management and training.

You can automate your sales funnels, your billing, and your administration as well to increase your overall business productivity.

Get Extra Staff

Sometimes the extra work and the jobs related to the transition for your business will call for more staff.

You can find temporary staffing solutions offered through the internet and through agencies, so you and your staff can concentrate on the most important jobs, while you carry on serving your existing customers while establishing new services or products.  


No matter how much you would like to be present in every part of your business, this is not possible.

Instead, you should outsource some of the jobs, so you can get things done that take your business closer to your goals. If you are still working on an old project but want to make sure that the new customer will be served and everything will go smoothly, you can outsource the lower level jobs.

Think the Steps Through Carefully

When planning for business growth, you will have to create a change management plan and follow through the steps. You might be successful as a freelancer, managing multiple clients, but once you need to take care of your marketing, establish business partnerships, and create a strategy, you will have to step up your project management game.

Brainstorming and creating a mind map will help you plan the processes in a logical order. This will prevent you from letting your new or old clients down, and maintain your business reputation.

When you try to grow your business and redesign your processes, it is important that you plan each step and learn how to best use your available resources.

You are likely to be needed for project management tasks, so make sure you are not bogged down with the small details and spend days doing your accounting or creating reports. You must focus on the big picture, instead of administration and micromanagement.

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