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Apart from your support to book a trip to Paris for two. A private tour of the Eiffel Tower and tickets to see a crazy-amazing burlesque performance in Moulin Rouge, one of the most romantic gestures any spouse, partner or significant lover can make is a show of support for the other person’s career.

That’s all it takes. And Calvin Harris is proof of this, something he showed to his (then) girlfriend, Tay-Tay Swift,  when he sent a tweet to his six million followers to congratulate her on the industry-altering victory she had over Apple.

Of course, most of us don’t have the capabilities to send a tweet that will reach 37 people, never mind millions, which begs the all-important question: what can you do to show your partner how much you support their career and want to help them succeed no matter what it takes or costs or what sacrifices you might have to make.

We all want to know we’re progressing in what we do, that we’re being validated and feeling any ounce of success, which is why we’ve pulled together a list of ways you can show your support and help them climb the success-ladder, whatever that means to them.

1. Cheer Hard And Loud

Nothing will give your partner the confidence they’re craving more than you playing the role of head cheerleader.

It’s about being enthusiastic about what they’re doing and what their ambitions are, listening to them, and offering all the counsel you can. Be their number one fan.

It could be a simple good luck note popped in their bag on a big day of meetings or having the champagne ready for those little wins. This sort of support will go so far.

2. Take Some Of The Weight

The secret to success is being one half of a great team. It’s about being a sounding board, a confidant, a supporter and weight bearer.

It’s about helping them in some way without them having to ask. Is your partner is struggling with public speaking? Download some TED Talks that will help with this.

If they’re desperate to be more attractive to potential employers, look at what online courses are out there, whether it be at their chosen University of Alabama Birmingham or somewhere lesser known.

If they are trying to balance a career and a side-hustle dream, take it on yourself to do the cooking and cleaning and all of that. Gestures like this are so amazing.

3. Support The Sacrifices For Dreams

A life without dreams will lack so much vitality, excitement, euphoria, and thrills. So make sure you are supporting your partner’s dreams and side hustles because these will be the things that make them get up in the morning and chase a better life.

Throw in your two-pennies worth. Do some research in your downtime. Share your thoughts. Cutout magazine articles you come across. Look at what qualifications they might need. Network on their behalf and show that you want this to work as much as they do.

Encouragement like this can spur people on in ways you’ll never understand.

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*This is a collaborative post.