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A big challenge for many businesses is managing employees. Growing your workforce from one member of staff to fifty may be easier the bigger and more popular your business gets but managing people with different backgrounds and personalities is not an easy thing to do.

Growing a team is one thing but developing each team member in a way that benefits them as well as your company is the challenge.

Companies aren’t always as on the ball with employee development as they should be, and it’s rather sad. The people that work for you are still people; they’re not cogs in a machine and they have wants and goals in their lives that they are aiming for.

They have aspirations and desires, and sometimes those aspirations revolve around using your company as a stepping stone in their experience. You shouldn’t look at this as a negative thing, though, because the fact that someone feels like your business is one to be a part of to learn something is a privilege for you.

Encouraging your employees to develop is so important, and you need to be at the helm of their growth: even if it means training them to leave you. So, how can you develop your staff in a way that works for everyone?


Your employees can only grow through your company if you give them the space to do it. It can feel bittersweet, to spend time and resources on your people for them to up and leave you later on.

Encouraging your staff to grow by assessing regularly and getting to know their goals, hopes and dreams on a personal level can help you tailor their development programs as individuals.

If your member of staff wants to do more in their marketing career, you can pay for them to start taking a social media marketing certification online and allow them the time to complete it. Qualifications and education matters, and if you can offer it, you should.


It’s so important for you to provide your staff with pathways to promotion and better education. You should think about their goals and mock up a pathway to their ultimate destination as best you can.

Aligning the skills of your staff with your own company goals can serve you well, as much as you can serve them.


You can’t provide any help to your staff if you don’t communicate with them. Regular meetings, an open-door policy for conversation and the opportunity for staff to pitch ideas should be a big part of your company policy.

Being open to ideas and making this clear to the people that work for you will mean that people feel comfortable coming to you and discussing their futures.

Focusing on your staff and where their careers are going doesn’t just help them, it helps you. You can create a more loyal workforce when you take the time to understand the motives that your people have.

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