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Sarah Landrum is a Career Expert and the founder of Punched Clocks. A career blog that provides advice on navigating the work world and career development. Her career advice has been featured on Forbes, Levo, The Muse, Business Insider and other top publications.

When we discovered her platform, we were really impressed and looked forward to having her share her expertise and experience with us. Thankfully, she responded in the affirmative and we are certain you’ll enjoy reading this feature.

Apart from being the founder of Punched Clocks, she is also a Freelance Writer.

“As a blog owner, I spend my time keeping up with the industry, researching topic ideas and creating new content for my audience.

I do the same for the blogs I write for by pitching topics and researching/writing posts tailored to their site.”

Are you wondering what a day in her life feels like giving her career path?

“Every day is different in terms of what I’m working on. I try to follow the same routine, though, for productivity sake.

I plan out my week so that when I start the day I know what post(s) I’m working on and can do my research and writing in the morning and then work on my blog in the afternoon. “

We were curious to know what prompted her to become a career expert/ blogger and she was kind enough to share.

“I helped a lot of my friends and classmates with their resumes and job searches in College.

I’m not sure how I became the go-to person to ask. I think someone saw me working on my resume, really liked it and asked for help and it just snowballed from there.

A few people suggested I start a resume business or a career/job search company. I really love writing and had always wanted to start a blog so that became my inspiration! Who knows, maybe one day I will break into resume coaching!

And this is sort of the same story that Zinny has. We are so excited to see that Sarah was able to discover the value she provided to her friends and eventually turn it into a platform that has been beneficial for her audience.
So what does career success mean to her?

“I like to measure success in terms of happiness. We tend to fall into a trap of thinking that if I just hit that next level, then I’ll be successful and then I can finally be happy but we’re never actually fulfilled with that line of thinking and we end up getting in a rut.

To be happy doing what you’re doing, to enjoy your work, that’s what fuels you to grow and do better. I think that’s the real goal that we should all strive for. That’s also the basis of my blog.”

What tip do you have for someone who feels stuck in a job/ career (career rut)? 

“Take some time to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Whether that’s what made you fall in love with the profession in the first place or your kids at home that you’re working to support.

If you can tie your work to a greater goal and create goals for you to work towards that’s a great starting place! Sometimes, though, you just need some time off! Take a long weekend and do something for yourself to get reinvigorated.

Sarah recently became a new mum and as a career expert, she was able to share some advice for mothers who want to return to the workforce.

“Be easy on yourself! You can’t expect to be able to dive right back in at 100%.

It’s going to be hard to no longer be able to give your all to both your work and your family. The adjustment is not easy but don’t run yourself down trying to be perfect.

It’s okay to turn down work or to ask for help. I’ve had a lot of emails (including this interview) that have been lost for a week, sometimes more. I can’t do it all and I have to remind myself that’s OK!

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Reading her last response was quite inspiring. Many times we believe we can do it all, but we all have to remember that irrespective of what happens, the most important thing is to ensure that we are at least taking baby steps towards reaching our goals.

And we also believe this applies to all new mothers trying to figure out their career direction after child birth!

What motivates you to keep doing what you do?/ Favorite quote?

“What motivates me: My love for writing and my beautiful daughter.

I need a creative outlet and getting to work with so many great people to inspire so many audiences is so rewarding to me.

Knowing that – as hard as it is to leave her – I am providing for my daughter and being an example of a hardworking mom makes it easier!

Favorite quote: “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” I have a habit of stressing too much and overreacting to situations. I have to remember that I’m in control of how the situation unfolds and it’s up to me to be positive and choose how I let it impact my life.

Are you looking to start a career in writing? Or are you a new mum who is confused on how to move forward with your professional life? Let us know if you found this feature useful.

A huge thank you once again to Sarah Landrum who took out time from her busy schedule to respond to our questions and share some career tips. You can check out her blog or follow her on Twitter: @SarahLandrum