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Emerging technology is making certain jobs dispensable and getting some folks laid off which is quite understandable. If these tools will be able to improve productivity and reduce costs then it’s only good business for companies.

It’s important to consistently improve your skills and if necessary, undergo a reskill to avoid lay offs. As new technologies continue to involve, it has inadvertently opened the doors to new job opportunities.

If you are open to equipping yourself with any of these tech skills or at least, skills that can be applied to the business aspect of utilizing such technologies, you will be able to avert the loom of getting laid off.

A simple example is Instagram which didn’t exist a few years ago. Instagram is a social media tool that helps people communicate and share ideas. If you look at it from another aspect, asides from the personnel that run Instagram’s backend like the Software Engineer, Technical Program Manager, Product Designer/ Researcher, etc. , it’s also opened doors to new career paths like social media manager/ strategist, marketing/ brand strategist, influencer, etc.

These are the ones that use Instagram to promote their brand or business, or those like me who help small to mid sized business maximize their digital awareness (shameless plug here).

These skills can be learned to gradually change your career or better still avoid a layoff by supporting your organization with social media strategy or advice in general. And this doesn’t apply to just Instagram, it for any other social media platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Below you’ll find a few skills that are important to avoid getting laid off. In this article, I’m focusing on business professionals as most tech professionals with niche skills might often find it easier to maintain their employment as this is the digital era.

1. Multitasking Skills

Multitasking is really important in today’s world. Gone are the days when you had to go to work, do just one thing all day and return home. With robots now taking vast responsibility for a number of jobs, it’s important to note that everything is now your job.

The advantage of being able to chip in on a variety of tasks is the ability to have vast experience in all that your company is involved in. Doing several other tasks when you are less busy will help you build upon several skills along the way even before you realize it.

However, be careful and don’t take up too many responsibilities such that you are unable to complete them in time.

2. Social Media Management

So many businesses are concerned about reaching their target audience. Due to the rise of the internet an social media it’s become necessary more than ever to meet these audiences through such mediums.

If you are able to develop tough skills and knowledge on various social media platforms and apply this to the growth of your organization, you’ll be able to avert layoff and be indispensable.

3. Business Consulting

The world of business is always evolving. This means that it will be challenging to consider this a career option. Consulting business is also olucrative giving that companies are willing to get expert advice on certain issues that might be affecting it.

If you are someone that particularly enjoys constant learning then you should consider focusing on this skill.

Whatever decision you decide to make, you should do so because you’ll want to continue in that line in the long run. Look forward to how you can avoid a lay off in future, but it’s also important for you to enjoy what you’ll do for most of your life.

Google now has a skills site where you can learn several skills that can be applied to the workplace or life as an entrepreneur to grow your business.

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