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Working for big companies sound like a dream. Amazing perks like dry cleaning and delicious food and snacks are always available. The problem becomes when you live at work and start grazing on snacks. One solution is to exercise more in order to stick to your eating plan.

Here are some surefire tips to fit in more exercise into the typical sedentary work lifestyle in order to help keep your snacking habit under control at work.

What’s Your Plan?

Instead of cycling between overeating, feeling guilty and then frantically dieting, come up with a food plan. First, decide what your aims are. Some questions to ask yourself would be:

  1. Are you trying to lose weight?
  2. Would you be happy to maintain your current weight?
  3. Are you trying to cut out sugar?
  4. Would you like to incorporate more vegetables into your diet?

In addition, decide when you would like to eat. Some people prefer eating 5-6 small meals per day. Others like the idea of eating 3 larger meals. There isn’t one right way to eat. Depending on your body chemistry and your work day, decide how you will space out your meals and your snacks.

Exercise And Eating Well

Even though we’re primarily talking about snacking, it is directly tied to how often you exercise. While exercising will make you hungrier, it also helps you organize your eating schedule. In order not to cramp up while you exercise, you won’t want to eat too close to when you exercise.

After you exercise, you’ll want to eat a healthy protein dish. Also, in order to see great results from exercising, you don’t want to eat processed food. Therefore, exercise becomes another motivator for staying away from junk food at the office. But, how can you get into a regular exercise routine?

  1. Workout with a buddy – Working out with a friend is more motivating and fun than exercising alone.
  2. Get a personal trainer – Find a personal trainer to get started into a new exercise regimen. Once you establish a routine, it will be easier to stick to it.
  3. Take Omega-3Studies show that taking Omega-3 can aid in exercising. If you are not getting enough Omega-3 in your diet, consider taking a natural supplement. Read in-depth reports from an unbiased website in order to find the most effective product. You can find out more here at Authority Reports.

Snacking Wisely

You’re in the middle of a long project and your mind keeps wandering. You need a burst of energy to keep you going and the free chocolate and chips are calling your name, what do you do? If you can relate to this scenario, keep these ideas in your arsenal:

  1. Snack prep – Avoid getting stuck by always bringing prepared snacks to work. They can be anything. For example, cut up vegetables, a smoothie, healthy muffins, etc.
  2. Hydrate – Many times our bodies are confused into thinking we are hungry when, in reality, we are craving water. One study even looked at a correlation between individuals with high BMIs and not enough water intake. Make water more appealing with a squirt of lemon juice or cucumber slices. Herbal tea is also a great alternative to getting extra flavor without the unwanted calories.
  3. Buy a healthy snack – Before you reach for a cookie, go and buy a healthy snack. It may take an extra 10 minutes, but running out to a grocery store or small market is worth your time. Ideas for ready-made snacks that you can get almost anywhere include, baby carrots and hummus, natural peanut butter and bananas, blueberries and cottage cheese, etc.
  4. Avoid mindless snacking – It’s easy to reach over and grab a handful of popcorn from your coworker even if you’re not so hungry. Besides, popcorn is relatively healthy, right? It’s better to pass, otherwise, you run the risk of turning your work day into one long meal.
  5. Write it down – Grab a notepad and write down everything that passes through your lips. Snacks add up and it’s too easy to forget what we eat until we see it written down.

Our Take Away

Emotional eating is so common because it gives us comfort from stresses at work. Use the tips above to give yourself a better comfort, i.e eating well. Exercising and putting good food into your body will help you feel your best from the inside out.

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*This is a collaborative post.