Mastery Over Your Mental & Physical Pressures: Comfort In A Stressful Environment

As you progress up the career ladder, you start to acclimatize to the working pressures involved. It’s a fact; it’s more difficult down at the bottom than it is at the top.

You can feel uncomfortable when settling into a new role, and then you get used to it, but this doesn’t come naturally to many people.

And if you work in a difficult job, or a position that is very stressful, you can feel like your pride, emotions and sense of self are taking a beating from time to time.

The solution is very simple, improving your mental and physical comfort. But, how can we do this quickly and effectively?

Treat Your Body As A Temple

If you find yourself struggling under the weight of mental and physical pressures, and you’re not treating your body as well as you could, it’s going to be a slippery slope.

You’re going to feel unwell, and you are going to find it harder to acclimatize.

Before you know it, you’ve worn yourself down so much, that the only option is to give up. Instead, give yourself an advantage by putting the right fuel into your body.

Think of your body as a car, you wouldn’t put the wrong fuel into it, because it wouldn’t run properly.

The same thing applies to every aspect of your physical self. Think about your typical day, are there things which make you feel uncomfortable, or unwell?

Even something like your clothing is something you cannot ignore. It’s important to look on websites that provide comfortable clothing, and shoes that aid your posture, which is vital if you are working a job where you are constantly on your feet.

A site like is one that provides shoes for nursing professionals. The fact of the matter is, if you are constantly on the go, you need to ensure that your body is ready to cope with the rigors of stress.

And while this may sound overly simplistic, take the opportunity to check in with yourself, and see how you are really feeling.

If you find yourself constantly tired, or you don’t have the energy to do anything else after your day’s work, it’s time to start thinking about if you are fueling yourself in the right way.

Engage In Mentally Healthy Practices

The idea of acclimatizing your senses to a new way of working is mentally straining.

It’s important for you to look after your mind because if you are constantly in competition with people, even though it is essential to you getting that new job, the idea of constant conflict can wear anyone down.

It can be mentally exhausting, which is why it’s important to engage in things that you know are good for your mind. The act of competing and conflict might not come naturally to you, but if you are adamant on climbing the career ladder, this is par for the course.

So, take the time out to nurture your mind, and do what is necessary to refresh your thought processes, so you can go back to work on a Monday morning with a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

Everybody is different in this respect, that explains why amalgamating mind and body through practices like yoga, is always beneficial. But if you’re not keen on those new age practices, it’s simple enough for you to have some control over your physiological state, which will benefit your mind and calm you down.

Box breathing is one of those practices that Navy Seals do, right before they go into a stressful situation. And it doesn’t have to take long, you can spend 5 or 10 minutes every day and night doing this, and you will see a profound impact over time.

Stress is a major concern when embarking on a career path where conflict is constant, and this is why you need to have an understanding of how your mind and body react to the situations.

Some people would tell you, if you are of a shy or retiring mindset, that you’re not built for big business or workplace competition, but this is untrue.

If you want it badly enough, you will learn to cope with the changes, it’s only in the meantime that it can have a short-term effect on your state. But you can have a control over this by understanding your stress triggers, and get a bit more control over your physiological state.

Learn The Art Of Productivity

It’s not about working hard. It is about working smart. The art of productivity is just that, an art. And while people like to see you working 12 to 15 hours a day, and showing willing, and taking on additional work, this can have a detrimental effect on your ability to cope.

This is where a sense of craftiness comes in handy. While it’s great to show this sense of willing, it’s about understanding the peaks and troughs of your own abilities to cope.

This means figuring out ways of working hard without it wearing down your pride and energy stores.

A sense of organization is always great in this respect, but it’s also beneficial for you to make the most of tools that can keep you focused on your work, and even increase the speed of your work, but also give you the opportunity for downtime here and there, so you can take a mental break.

The Pomodoro technique is one method that has been snapped up by many businesses, and you can get some information on this technique at

It’s something that’s a key to working smarter, rather than harder. Structuring your work effectively, so you can have mental downtime here and there to recover is going to serve you well. Not just because it gives you a break now, but these skills you acquire as you climb up the career ladder is going to serve you well at the top.

You won’t feel overcome by stress at the very top. And this is something that so many people can buckle under. You might work hard for years to get to where you are, and when you get there, there’s even more work than on the way up.

So, improving your physical and mental comfort in a stressful job, or  climbing up to the next rung of the career ladder, is vital. But if you master these three different aspects to your being, it will make for a far easier and less stressful process.

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