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Everything starts small. Almost every teenager has to go through numerous service jobs or be a waitress to earn some cash and stay afloat during college studies.

But if you are not a student anymore, working as a waiter/waitress feels like a shameful occupation. Is it really so?

Of course, none of the kids would say they dream of serving or being a waitress to other people for the rest of their lives.

Nonetheless, some college graduates deliberately choose the service industry instead of their specialization, at least in the beginning of their career.

Some manage to make success and progress up the career ladder. And some even get a rewarding salary, which sometimes equals a six-figure number (inspired by the story of a waitress in a high-end hotel).

It is time to break the stereotype about the “unpromising, low-paid and least prestigious job with no further career growth.”

From the real experience of young servers and waitresses in such service jobs, we found out the important professional qualities the wait staff gains and what can help reach success in the future.

Ability to Work Under Pressure

Now you’ll say that almost every job includes stressful and unpleasant moments when you’re pressured by your boss and the upcoming deadlines.

But when it comes to being a waitress, the task gets more complicated. Not only do you have to fight the pressure but manage to stay calm in front of the customers.

Intense workload, unsatisfied and demanding guests, busy chefs and irritating comments from your manager… If you stay calm and professional after this “nightmare,” you can handle everything, especially multiple tasks at any office work.

One of the most popular waitress CV tips says that the “Skills and abilities” section should reflect the professionalism and gained skills. Such an experience can be the best proof of stress resistance, especially if you back up that with facts and figures.


Whether you want it or not, most of the jobs require interacting with other workers. Even if it seems like you are working on your own (freelance, scientific studies, even writers), a lot of your success may depend on others.

If you don’t know how to work in a team and communicate with your superior/subordinates, you will not make it.

Being a waitress helps gain those valuable skills while interacting with bartenders, other servers, chefs, etc. It doesn’t mean you have to be the best of friends but respecting and helping each other in trouble is motivating for everyone.

Budget Management

Sure enough, not every server gets a six-figure wage as we mentioned above. So being on a tight budget is a common practice since a lot of your earnings depend on tips and they are not steady.

One week you can feel like you made a fortune, so you start spending cash carelessly. But no one guarantees you the same result the week after.

To exclude unnecessary expenses, create a budget. If you pay for the rent, bills and other essentials, make sure you save enough to cover these costs. But don’t forget to reward yourself provided your budget allows you to.

Your Value of Polite Words

Servers are also people. Moreover, they try their best to please the guest with all possible means. Imagine you bringing an extra napkin or a glass of water and not hearing a simple “thank you”?

After working in the service industry, you start appreciating the staff even more for their patience, diligence, politeness. Whatever your future job will be, saying “please” and “thank you” will always be a sign of a well-mannered person.

Perspectives for Your Future Dream Job

Who works in the service industries?
a) Students working part-time while getting their degrees;
b) People that like being a server and want to move in this direction in the future;
c) People who need to make a living while pursuing their dream job.

Most of the graduates from the category A eventually quit the service jobs because they longer need one. People from the category B made their choice.

Now we are speaking of the third category. These guys need time and money to move to the next stage of their career goals. Even if most of them might have diplomas dusting on their shelves, they haven’t yet come up with their dream job.

Is this you?

Then take your time. If you are comfortable working as a server now, keep working. Once you decide where you want to work, take steps to achieve this goal. And there will be nothing shameful if you still serve tables at your local eatery.

Who cares if you are about to make your dreams come true?

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