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I’ve partnered with The Elite Hair Company to ask this question: “does the appearance of your hair have an impact on your level of confidence?” I’ve asked myself this question a number of times and I seem to agree that it does.

Certain ways to boost your level of confidence if you lack one have been discussed in the past. But let me share a quick story.

When I was much younger, around age five to ten, I was a really smart kid. Free and happy to share ideas. I asked a lot of questions too− those type of questions that became tiresome to most parents!

It was all well and good until I went to high school and my level of confidence reduced drastically.

Speaking or airing my opinions became a chore until I was sure people wanted to listen to me. I wasn’t sure if I was ‘cool’ anymore. I would also notice that I appeared a little different from the rest, but it was all minimal. Upon getting into the University, my confidence level kept feeling rocky.

I presume this was around the time I discovered my personality type.

I had a group of friends− somewhat a clique, and that didn’t help. To me, the ‘recognized’ girls had flashy clothes and expensive hairstyles. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that I didn’t have enough to get by as a student. As a matter of fact, I had enough money because my parents did their best to ensure that I was comfortable.

I don’t want to think that I was in anyway pressured by my peers to live up to the ‘standard’. For most of my teenage and adolescent years, I did fairly well and refused to let the pressure of school get to me as much as possible.

However, I later came to understand that I wasn’t being true/ real to myself. I was leveling up my standards of beauty and appearance to that of strangers who barely knew that I existed. And this had a way of affecting my level of confidence.

It took me a while to later realize that I had to determine what beauty was to me as an individual to earn a certain level of respect.

So the first thing I set out to work on was my hair. As a young black woman at the time, making braids was quite affordable, so I would do a lot of that. And when I was tired of having braids, I will switch over to a premium weave/ hair extension that I could afford but looked good.

Did you know that self-esteem or confidence can come from a variety of different sources? It could be a bad hair day, not speaking up when you should, getting a C in an important test, etc.

As for my clothing, I decided to stay with: simple and chic. Thankfully, I was still a law student at that time and we had to wear mainly white and black clothing to classes. That made it easier for me and I maintained a minimal look which I have continued to do until today.

In 2014, especially after being so tired of applying chemicals to my hair, I decided to do a big chop and turn natural. If my memory serves me right, I made this decision shortly after law school.

I chose to go natural simply because I wanted a different feel to my scalp. For years, I will cringe, scream and sometimes shed a tear or two because chemicals or relaxers were practically burning my scalp.

If you aren’t black/ African, a ‘big chop’ is essentially when a person decides to cut off the relaxed or processed part of their hair. You chose to retain your hair in its natural state which is usually coarse, tough and curly (tight or loose) for most Africans.

Anyway, ever since then, I’ve handled my hair myself. I even shared a video of me making my hair and I’ve only visited a hair stylist once in the last four years. When I’m not on my natural hair, I do a lot of protective styling which usually involves me wearing weaves/ hair extensions.

Protective styling helps reduce breakage and helps retain length as expressed in the natural hair community. I’ve noticed an improvement in my confidence ever since I started to embrace my own definition of beauty. This has affected my life in and out of the office and from time to time I wear my natural hair.

Psychology of hair and self-confidence - The Elite Hair Company - Zinny Factor

Psychology of hair and self-confidence. The Elite Hair can be used for protective styling.

So I was so excited to collaborate with The Elite Hair Company and share with you a little about my hair journey. It’s a great time to update the relaxation category!

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Introducing you to The Elite Hair Company

The Elite Hair Company is a Toronto based premium virgin hair company, offering high quality, long lasting luxury hair extensions. The beautiful aspect of this company is that they are affordable for the quality of hair extensions they provide and also ship internationally!

Their products will last you between 1-2 years with proper care and they’ve also provided an FAQ page to guide you on proper handling of hair products. Their hair products can be used for protective styling which is something that’s really important if you are a naturalista.

Psychology of hair and self-confidence - The Elite Hair Company - Zinny Factor

I love the packaging!

Hair Product I’ll be Styling

I make my hair myself and will be using the Brazilian Curly Bundles which I’ll be sewing into a wig. I love to support businesses that I truly love in any way possible. So I’ll love for you to make an order from their site. I’ll be sharing how I’ll go about making my wig using The Elite Hair Company extensions.

Maybe we can share photos of the end results and have a chat afterward, who knows?! Make sure you are following me on Instagram as that’s where I’ll be spilling more details and sharing photos. I honestly can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

I’ve always been one to try out low manipulative styles and do a lot of protecting styling. I’m confident that I’ll enjoy using The Elite Hair Company’s products to achieve my desired look. I currently have my natural hair and it’s been like this for close to two months now. I think it’s about time I changed my looks.

As much as I am confident in my natural hair, I also believe that from time to time, I should change up my looks because variety is the spice of life!

Product Shipping/ Delivery

Shipping of this product was quick and the experience was amazing. The hair arrived in a well-packaged box with a hair care instruction sheet. I love the hair quality and texture and can’t wait to use it asap.

I’ll be making use of 14″, 16″, 18″ and a lace closure to achieve layers. It’s been a while since I made a new wig, so trust that my hands are itching. I can’t wait to make out some time to use my hair styling skills once more.

As I mentioned earlier, shipping is international, so you can get a product from them.

Discount Code

Make use of my code ‘ZINNY’ to receive 20% discount when you shop from their website. Follow their IG handle: @the.elite.haircompany and check out their website:

So whether you usually have good hair days or you are having a bad hair day, natural hair care lover or not, building your self-confidence or just maintaining it, get an extension from The Elite Hair Company to complement your hair care regimen.

What’s your story on self-confidence? Did you ever discover that your hair boosts your level of confidence? Share with me in the comment section, I’ll love to hear back from you! Oh, and do you like my hair extensions, will you love to get one? Subscribe to the blog for exclusive information.

*This is a sponsored post; however, all opinions are mine and this post was entirely written by me.