Signs that your Employer cares about you

These days, you can feel lucky if you have a job and can see signs that show your employer cares. The market has been in such a state that unemployment has been at an all-time high, meaning that often time, any job is often better than no job at all.

Feeling like you should be grateful for your job is wonderful unless your employer uses that feeling to take advantage of you, of course. Your relationship with your boss is going to be a critical factor in deciding whether you are happy at your place of work and whether your career is successful.

People in positions of authority such as teachers and employers, have the power to make you feel uplifted and comfortable, or they can make you feel on edge and worried that you aren’t performing your role correctly. This explains why many people quit their jobs because of their boss.

Unfortunately, many employees believe that they have a boss who is far too intimidating and doesn’t respect them in their role in the company due to one or two signs.

Getting along with your boss could make or break your career. You learn from your employer, and their relationship with you could point you in the right direction for new contacts and personal development.

Personal development is a very important part of your career, and if your boss doesn’t respect you as an employee, it’s easy to believe that they won’t be looking out for your interests on the job.

Things like not having the right insurance to protect you in work from injury can be a very obvious sign that your well being as an employee isn’t important.

Your employee handbook should tell you how to deal with a workplace injury, while companies like Finkelstein, Meirowitz & Eidlisz, LLP can tell you how to conduct yourself in the event an injury takes place.

Having a good, caring relationship with your boss will make a difference to how you feel going to work and how motivated you are to continue in your role. It’s important for you to feel comfortable putting across your ideas and feel like they’ll be considered properly.

The thing is, no one wants to approach their boss directly and ask whether they are cared for. It’s just not the done thing! It’s too awkward to ask them and it’s also not easy to tell.

Some employers often put on a front to act as if they don’t care about you to give them an air of authority. While this isn’t particularly nice, it’s a good way to ascertain whether your boss cares about you at all.

Sometimes an employer is so focused on growing their business that they don’t consider their own behavior and they may not notice what is happening with the individuals grafting in the main office of their business.

We’ve put together some obvious signs that your boss does care about you and cares about what your thoughts are:

They listen to what you have to say

Have you ever felt like the things that you say to your boss fall on deaf ears? If you are constantly speaking up with ideas for your part of the company and are never given the credit, then you need to speak up.

Have a meeting with your boss and get across to them that you want to be heard and at least have your ideas acknowledged.

If your boss is already thanking you for your input and giving you the kudos for the work that you are doing, you’re well on your way to an understanding relationship with your employer.

They have your back

When you are being discussed in meetings, the ideal situation would be that your direct boss is sticking up for you behind your back and name-dropping you in conversations that dictate that you are on the path to progression.

If your boss isn’t doing this or pushing you forward for promotions when they are due, then you may not be working with the right person.

You need a manager who is going to have your back and be there to cheerlead you. After all, you put in the effort for them, it’s only fair that you get that back.

They apologize when they’re wrong

It’s very easy for employers to place blame on their staff when things go wrong on a project. The stress of leading a company and of being in charge is no excuse, but that snap is usually down to excess stress.

You don’t have to accept that, so treat your boss as your equal and approach them about behavior that may be unfair. A boss who apologizes is one who is humble enough to notice that they are in the wrong and will be humble about your feelings.

They support your personal commitments

Outside of work, you are still a person. You have commitments that don’t include doing unlimited overtime for no extra pay. You may even have a family.

A caring boss is one that understands this and goes out of their way to make provisions for you where possible.

The idea is that you should have someone who will be flexible as long as your daily tasks are completed, and it shows a huge level of respect for you if they can be supportive of your life outside of work.

Your time is still your own, so if you feel as if you are being used for overtime, speak up and come to an agreement whereby your work doesn’t infringe on non-work commitments. otherwise, this is one of those signs that your boss cares.

They tell you the truth

The one thing that you need in your relationship with your employer is honesty. You need to be able to take the truth as well and keep a professional head on your shoulders when your work is critiqued.

If your boss is honest with you about your work, you can make improvements where improvements are required, and you can feel good about the way that you work.

Your relationships at work are going to impact your personal life. It’s so important to have an employer who actually cares about how you feel, and you can make that happen, of course, keeping in your mind these few signs that have been shared.

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