Valentine's Day at Work

Valentine’s day is here again. A few days ago, I read somewhere online of a brawl that occurred at work due to a secret relationship going on between three workers. A guy was supposedly cheating on two other coworkers and no one in the office had a clue of what was going on.

Apparently, it was intense and shoes, tables, and cups were flying in the air. Now I’m wondering why I didn’t save that article somewhere so that I can link it to this post.

Silly me!

This is the year for women. Many women are finally speaking up on sexual harassment/ violence that they might have witnessed at work. 

In this post, I’ll be sharing a few ideas on celebrating Valentine’s at work. Valentine is around the corner and who wouldn’t love to spend that day with a loved one? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Valentine's Day at Work

Give gifts to everyone

If you’re going to share treats or gift anyone at work, you might as well show love to everyone at work! Don’t gift some and leave out others. Preferably get them something simple and share to everyone.

It could hurt feelings of some people at work and make them feel like they don’t matter. You’ll never go wrong with chocolates or cookies! Also, if you must gift, please don’t give any inappropriate gift.

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Don’t give unwarranted comments or flirt with coworkers

I can’t stress this enough. Please apply some decency in the workplace and respect everyone’s space. Don’t use offensive words or jokes. If you aren’t sure what to say, you don’t need to. You can just keep quiet, that never hurts anyone.

Also, please don’t get physical in the work environment. One would expect that everyone will know this, but with what we’ve been seeing in the news, let’s just keep ourselves reminded of this.

Keep every inappropriate behavior out of the office. We all know that generally, Valentine’s day is a day for love but it’s not enough reason for you to be careless with your actions or words.

Control your emotions

I recall Valentine’s day celebrations when I was still a student. Oh, my! Some boyfriends will go above and beyond to show how romantic they were. Gifts and different things in the color of red will be flowing in and out of the hostels and of course, champagne and chocolates flocked the entire hallways.

This will leave some other girls wallowing in pain and self-pity.

Valentine’s day is a day when most people in relationships display care and affection. For some others, it’s when they remember that they aren’t in a relationship or feel unloved. However, you may please remember to be in control of your emotions.

If it gets too depressing for you, please invest in self-care and pamper yourself. You don’t have to wait for someone to buy you a gift, neither do you have to shed tears at work.

Keep your love life outside the office as much as possible

Personally, I am of the opinion that such discussions should be left for after work drinks or such! If you are fortunate enough to receive a gift during work hours, please try to keep it on the low or talk to your loved one ahead of time to send the gifts to your house.

Let’s try to avoid bringing personal matters into the office.

If your romantic relationship with a coworker is acknowledged in the office, try to keep your love affair outside of the office. This will help reduce any unwarranted sentiments or discussions that may involve you.

If you must celebrate…

If you must celebrate Valentine’s day at work, you can tie it to a team building discussion. You all can discuss what you love about your job or workplace. But please try to keep it professional and don’t say anything unnecessary.

Have a great Valentine’s day, but quick question: do you agree with these tips? How will you be spending Valentine’s day? For me, I’ll be having a nice dinner most likely, share with me below.

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