Doubling your income might sound impossible, but it’s actually so much easier than you might think. In fact, when you implement the tips in this guide, you could find that you double your income in less than a year. You read that right!

Take a look and see what you can do to double your income.

Ask For A Promotion Or Pay Rise

You can’t expect to be given more money at work if you don’t ask. You sometimes need to let it be known that that’s what you want. Ask for a meeting with your boss and have a good presentation ready for why you think you deserve a promotion/pay rise.

You may get one, or you may have to wait a few months and gather further evidence. If you’re simply not getting what you want and you’ve hit a dead end, then it might be time to look into other jobs.

Build On Certain Skills And Develop New Ones

Building on great skills that you already have and developing new ones is a great way to make yourself more valuable. When you do this, you might come up with ideas that you would never have thought of before.

You might even get the courage to start up your own business. Either way, you’ll have more to put on your CV/LinkedIn profile.

Develop Your Ideas

Are you an ideas kind of person? Write them down and then choose the ones that are worth developing. You will need to let some of them go, but some of them could be worth building on.

If you don’t do it, then somebody else will! You can do this alongside a full-time job by blocking out your time and putting as much money aside as you can.

Some people will ask, what if they fail? But you can’t worry about that too much. You have to try. You only get one life! You may need some start-up capital, so saving as much as you can is important.

You can get easy personal loans for bad credit, but you need to be sure you can pay them back. Always have an emergency fund!

Double Your Prices

If you already offer a service or have a business, you can easily make more money by increasing your prices. Of course, this should be warranted.

Those who love your service will continue to come back to you but make sure you explain the price increase so that they don’t feel blindsided.

Invest In The Right Places

Investing your money is often smarter than putting lots of money away. This is the only way your money can appreciate, although it still comes with an element of risk. Get an account manager if you need help!

Free Up Time

When you free up time in your day, you then have more time to improve your skills and work on your ideas. Start by not doing the things you hate doing.

Hate updating your website or writing blogs? Pay somebody else to do it. Hire a cleaner. You have a ton of options! Trust me, I’m certainly looking out ways to free up some time for myself everyday.

Find Ways To Make Passive Income

Finally, passive income is always going to be the key to wealth and a better income. You could write e-books, create an online course, become an affiliate, and explore many other avenues of doing this.

What other tip have you tried in the past to double your income? Share with me in the comment section below.

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*This is a collaborative post.