A business change; where necessary, is important. It can be extremely tough for a business owner to admit that their business is struggling. It may have taken years to create, may have even had a few years at the top of the business game.

However, now that level of success seems like an incredibly long time ago. How do you help your struggling business to climb back up that success ladder again?

Here are a few things you may want to consider when trying to keep you and your business afloat.

Diversify or Simplify

First, you need to look at what you are offering to your customers, as they are the key to your success. If there has been a dip in sales, it may be that you are offering too much or too little.

Let’s start with the former. Offering too much to your customers could be giving off a “jack of all trades, master of none” impression to your customers. For example, a beauty therapist offering a car MOT service may not be the most attractive or trustworthy service on the market.

Customers are likely to go with someone who is dedicated to a specific service to increase the likelihood of a high-quality service, and employee in-depth product knowledge.

Moving on to the latter, ask yourself the question: Is what you are offering too niche? There may just not be enough demand for that specific product, and therefore your sales will not be picking back up anytime soon.

Offering a range of complementing products that offer some variety to the shopping experience could be what your business desperately needs.

Think about your local coffee shop – they don’t just sell coffee. They sell cakes, sandwiches, hot chocolates – all wrapped in inventive ideas to sell more than their competitors.

Take a look at your competitors on the market and evaluate what may be kicking you out of the competition line up. If you are thinking of expanding your product range, you may want to seek a merchant advance to fund such an expansion.

Alternatively, if you are narrowing your product niche, be sure to ask your customers what their favorite and least favorite products you offer are. This will not only show you value your customers and their opinions, but it will also ensure you are not discontinuing a loved product.

Trim Your Budget

Depending on how much your business is struggling, you are going to want to cut down your outgoings to ensure you can rebalance the profit with the overheads of your business.

As much as any business owners hate to hear it – it may be time to cut down on your workforce. Are there areas that really only need the one employee to take care of?

Are you over saturated on the shop floor on some weekdays? As well as employees, could you cut down on the size of your business premises and opening hours? Could you cut the middleman out altogether and move your entire business to an online store?

These may seem like drastic measures, but if your business is going under, drastic measures need to be taken to ensure your business still has a future.

If moving online isn’t an option, you are going to want to haggle with your utility providers to see if you can cut down on monthly bills, and see if any courier service or broadband provider will be able to offer you a cheaper deal due to years of loyalty.

You will need to scrutinize every single area of your business with a fine-toothed comb to check you are not losing valuable money and resources anywhere.

Determination and perseverance can get you through many things, as well as a few hefty business struggles. As long as you have success as the end goal in your mind, you are sure to make it through the tough times you and your business are facing at the moment. Just remember to continue to learn from your experiences in order to avoid another hiccup in the near future.

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*This is a collaborative post.