Let me be honest with you, sometimes I feel like being an adult sucks. So at the beginning of the year, I told @obaallen that I’ll stop complaining and that he should hold me accountable. Truth be told, in 2017, I had improved and had changed considerably, compared to my previous self.
However, over the weekend, one thing led to another and I might have whined. So he asked me: “What is your goal?” This led to a series of discussion with @the_food_disciple @djdamiger

I shared the video of our chat which should originally have been private. But we assumed you might get inspired. In this video, we are sharing how we intend to crush our goals this year. We happened to share it with you so that you are also inspired to join us!

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@the_food_disciple blog: http://www.thefooddisciple.com

@djdamiger website: http://www.djdamiger.com

Music: “Karma” Instrumental by Homage https://youtu.be/puH5RQLB27k