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Dressing up for work or anywhere, in particular, has always been something quite tricky for me. Most especially because I don’t take fashion too seriously. I love to look good in a simple way and I will always choose a dress over anything else but I really never put so much stress on fashion.

Because of the weather here in Canada, it can get quite scary wearing dresses or skirts during winter which is what I feel most comfortable on. Also, my present job requires more of business casual, so I’m so relaxed about my work outfit. 

However, this year I want to try to put in more efforts into how I dress because I just want to try something different seeing that I’ve been making quite a lot of changes this year.

Do you think this is business casual?

So when I came across NewChic lately, I was particularly excited to discover this brand because I’ll be exploring fashion on a budget over the coming months.

This brand was founded in 2015 with a vision to make fresh fashion affordable and presently has a global brand offering the latest styles to the world. As always, you know that I prefer shopping online since it’s less stressful.

I like the fact that NewChic also offers digital women’s watches, fancy watches, and even wholesale watches! This means that affordable jewelry will be covered. It’s also not too late to gift the man in your life some of their best men’s watches.

This brand offers free shipping to many locations and you also have the option to return and receive a refund where necessary. Shopping on their website is simple and so is check out.

This year, a few things I’m going to do to explore a bit of fashion on a whole new level is to always remember that I should dress to feel like myself and also not try to create an entirely new wardrobe all at once.

I hope you are willing to join me in my future adventure with fashion for the workplace. As always I’ll be sharing every bit with you on the blog so keep an eye out for posts you can relate to.
Will you be trying out affordable fashion for work this year?
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