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Out of all the career choices we have available to us, freelancing and working at home is arguably one of the most popular choices due to the independence, security and freedom it offers once you get the ball rolling.

However, with so much choice for what you can do to make money as a freelancer, you’ll often be stuck thinking what the best decision is. However, as expected, you need to be sure that this is what you want.

To help you out, I’ve teamed up with others to put together this guide on online teaching and why it’s quickly becoming one of the best online career choices available to people. All you need is a passion and knowledge in a subject and you’re ready to start teaching others online.

Online learning has exploded in popularity thanks to the convenience it offers and the wide variety of courses available.

How does online teaching work?

Online teaching is done through online learning websites. These websites typically employ skilled freelancers (often without needing credentials) to write guides, make videos and plan study material for students.

People either pay a monthly fee to access your content or they pay you for private lessons. Some websites are open to what they offer and you can create a course on anything from internet marketing to how to build a boat.

Other websites that are targeted towards the professional market typically only create courses that fit their criteria. For instance, an online learning website dedicated to art will only publish courses that are professionally made and showcase your skills.

Why do people decide to teach online?

So what’s the big deal with online teaching and why is it such a fantastic career choice? Here are seven reasons to sink your teeth into.

  • It’s easier to get teaching right away

Unlike traditional teaching jobs, you often aren’t required to have credentials, experience or a degree. If you can show that you have knowledge of a subject then you’ll be accepted and your popularity will depend on how well you can teach, not some papers you earned a decade ago.

Keep in mind that professional online learning services will likely require you to show some experience to maintain their standards.

  • You can teach whatever you want

Do you love dancing? Why not start your own online dance lessons then? What about fitness? If you find yourself to be a capable personal trainer, then people will gladly pay for you to show them how to burn fat and get fit. If you want to get even more niche then take a look at, a site dedicated to teaching card tricks!

  • Freedom to teach how you want

 You typically don’t need to follow any kind of guidelines when teaching online. You can do it your own way and if it’s successful, then you’ll be a popular teacher.

  • Work entirely from home

Since it’s technically a freelance career, you can work entirely from home or virtually anywhere that you have access to your tools. All you need is a laptop and you’re probably good to go. This is attractive to certain people.

  • Students are more passionate about their studies 

You’re almost guaranteed to get passionate students when you teach online. This is because the students are always interested in a subject before they apply to your course, so you’ll rarely get people who are uninterested.

Now that you’ve seen the advantages of online teaching, let’s take a look at how you can get started.

Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to get started with online teaching if you’re willing to invest in a few resources and a bit of learning.

How can you get started?

There are many different ways to teach online and your method is going to vary depending on the skills you want to teach, how much time you can commit and how professional you want to go about it.

  • Start your own YouTube channel

With help from a guide like this one from, it’s easy to get started with a YouTube channel that is all about teaching specific skills or knowledge. You’ll need a decent camera and microphone to record yourself for lesson videos.

Alternatively, if you’re good with video editing then you can make your own videos with just a voice over and perhaps some cartoon graphics or a digital blackboard that you write on. Meanwhile have you checked out my YouTube channel and subscribed?

  • Write for a blog

Whether it’s your own blog or one that specializes in online learning, you can write about virtually anything and be paid for your services. If you decide to start your own blog then you’ll probably have to rely on ad revenue, eBook sales and other forms of income to make a living.

When writing for another blog, you should be treating it like a freelance writing career and you’ll need to write plenty of articles for various blogs. Whether you pick YouTube or blogging, you can teach virtually any skill as long as there’s some demand.

  • Apply to an online learning service

The formal route would be to apply to an online learning service. This may require you to have some kind of experience or credentials but it’s arguably the most straightforward way to start an online learning career. Keep in mind that the subjects you teach need to be relevant to the learning service that you apply to.

It’s a good idea to take a look at for a SCORM compliant training course that will teach you how to use the learning management systems that these websites make use of for the learning services.

  • Host private lessons and classes

And lastly, you can also offer private lessons or classes on your own website. You can charge whatever rates you want, take on whatever students you want and even teach what you want. It’s the ultimate in freedom but it’s hard to build an audience until you have at least some credentials to start with.

Teaching online comes with many fantastic advantages compared to the traditional route of going to a school. Your students are more mature and have a genuine interest in the subjects they’ve picked, and it’s a much more relaxed atmosphere.

If you have a passion for something, why not spread your knowledge around the world and make a job out of it if that’s what you’ve always wanted? Are you considering an online teaching career? Please share below. I love it when you leave a comment behind, so please feel free to!

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*This is a collaborative post.