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It’s hard to find a career that can make you completely happy in this day and age. It’s almost impossible to be 100 percent happy in a job because human wants are insatiable. One minute you are completely sold on your job and are ever willing to share this with friends and family.

In fact, you want them to work with you on some aspects!

And the next minute, you are battling with a bit of stress and could get frustrated, intimidated or lose focus. That’s what life and career bring to the table. I even ranted on the love-hate relationship of a 9-5.

The classic 9 to 5 job spent sitting behind a desk in a drab office can be mentally draining for some people and I totally respect that because I’ve seen both sides of the coin. It’s probably not the kind of job you imagined if that is the role in which you find yourself.

Still, you don’t have to settle for second best if you have bigger aspirations. You can make your own career as a freelancer.

The concept of starting your own business might sound like a daunting career move reserved for entrepreneurs but anyone can do it. All you need is a professional skill for which potential clients are willing to pay money and you’re in business.

You could do your current work on a self-employed basis or you could learn an entirely new skill through which you could make money. The point is that anyone with the necessary determination can become a freelancer.

On this blog, my goal is always to share how you can succeed in whatever path you choose to take as a worker: employee or not. It’s all about perspectives and appreciating the choices of others as well as yours.

Obviously, we’ve talked a lot about freelance writing but is that the only kind of self-employed work available in the modern age? As you might have guessed from the title of this article, the answer to that question is “no”. Whatever your skill set or your desired line of work, there’s always the opportunity to become a freelancer.

All it takes to become self-employed is the initiative to monetize your talents. Essentially, you need to build your own business. Those who work on a solo basis have the ability to make money from their talents without an employer if they also have the ability to market themselves to clients.

You need to learn how to be an entrepreneur as well as a skilled professional in your respective trade. There are some unique forms of freelancing in the business world and here are just a few of them.

Photography Freelance

There are so many freelance careers that involve the creative arts. You’re reading this article on a blog which generates some income through the written word and that’s certainly not the only artistic way through which you could make money.

Creative Ways to Freelance

If you’ve always had an eye for a well-taken photograph then there’s no reason as to why you couldn’t turn this into a career.

You have to be artistic enough to know how to take well-lit and artfully-angled photographs, of course, but becoming a freelance photographer is easy once you’ve mastered that. In the modern age, there are so many ways to make money through imagery; the internet has made it easier than ever for you to do so from the comfort of your own home.

You could build an Instagram audience with aesthetically-pleasing pictures and start to make money from advertisers willing to pay you money to get their products and services in front of your many followers. You might even get paid to travel if you photograph landscapes and destinations; that’s a big category on the platform.

I shared this video on how we make some money from part-time photography, watch here.


The education industry is one which can provide a very steady freelance career. Who needs education? Everybody. If you have knowledge of a certain subject or area that you think you could pass on to others then you could make a respectable income through teaching.

You could look into an online tutoring job if you want to work from home but would like to find clients (students) through more of a structured system. Many websites will help to put you in front of clients. We mentioned traveling in the previous point and this is another good way to get out there and teach others (especially if you specialize in languages).

There really are so many ways to become a freelance tutor because there are so many subjects that can be taught.


Whether you’re a medical professional or an aspiring medical professional, you don’t have to commit yourself to an employed role. As with any industry, there’s always the option to become a self-employed individual if you’re determined and intelligent enough to build your own business.

And there’s an opportunity to do this in the healthcare industry. If you’re a healthcare professional then there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own freelance empire. Instead of working for an employer and taking a fixed salary, you could be your own boss and open a healthcare office through which you practice your medical specialty.

You’ll need to look into a license to practice, whatever your medical profession. You’ll also need to rent space for an office so that you have a proper location and the correct resources to do your work.

If you’re a dentist then you might also want to look into a remote dental answering service. Professional receptionists can provide the organizational side of your freelance business in the same way as a normal dental clinic.

It’s important, as a freelancer, to create a fully functional business. You already possess the necessary academic qualifications and experience if you’ve worked in a professional healthcare environment, but taking the self-employed route (with a little help from colleagues or remote workers to provide a “full” business) could be much more profitable and fulfilling. Being a medical freelancer is a completely plausible career route.


We’ve already talked about freelance writing, as mentioned in the introduction. You already know that you could make some money through blogging. But perhaps that isn’t something which calls to you.

However, if you’re a skilled wordsmith then there are other ways to make money with those talents. Marketing is becoming one of the most well-paid forms of freelancing on the market. Think about the business world. Clients want marketing services. For as long as there are businesses, there will be people desperate to promote themselves to others.

If you’re creative with language then you could use that skill to make a promotional copy for clients. It’s one of the best self-employed careers out there in terms of stability because there’s a ceaseless stream of business clients looking to improve their advertisements.

If you build up a returning client-base then you could keep providing newer and better marketing copy for the same businesses; marketing is never a one-time thing. This could be one of the smartest ways to monetize your creative ability.

In conclusion, anyone can do anything, but it’s most important that you do something because you are passionate about it. Otherwise, you might stop halfway through out of frustration. Never start something for the sole purpose of making money. Genuinely seek to solve problems through your talents.

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