Global Logistics

When we think big business, we need to think on an international scale. If you’re supplying business to a single city, country or even continent, then you’re thinking too small.

If you really want to attract some big names to work together with you, then you need to think about what makes businesses operate and what’s in demand for every company, not just a certain industry.

One great idea is to start software development. Software like operating systems are always in use across the entire world, but even Apple can’t beat out Microsoft’s hold on the operating system market share.

As shown on, Microsoft currently has over 90% market share with its various versions of Windows. If you’re able to create a competitor to go up against Microsoft then you may have a chance of striking it big and reaching a global audience.

However, a much easier way to attract more attention is to focus on a global logistics business such as cargo shipping and air transport. To give you some ideas on how you get started, we’ve listed few concerns and steps that you’ll need to overcome first.

Do you research

The first step should be obvious: research. While global logistics isn’t exactly hard to understand, it’s still important that you research the competition and find out who you’re up against so you can learn from them and potentially fill niches in the industry.

You may want to look at companies such as to find experts to work with you. It’s much easier to run a business when you have advisors to guide you and global logistics isn’t an industry that you can necessarily learn from by just reading online articles and watching videos.

It’s a complicated subject with a lot to focus on, so make sure you understand what you’re getting into before investing time and money.

Purchasing your vehicles

Speaking of money, don’t take the investment lightly. If you want a shock (or a reality check) then take a look at to see how much a barge actually costs.

Although you can enlist the services of other companies to help you ship your products by sea, you’re never going to grow as a business if you don’t have your own vehicles. Whether it’s by land, air or sea, it’s important to understand the investment and setup involved.

You can start simple by hiring trucks and recruiting drivers, but eventually, you’ll need your own branded vehicles to help promote your brand.

Insurance concerns

Let’s also not forget that for all of your vehicles, you’re going to need insurance. It’s already incredibly expensive to purchase a cargo plane, a ship or even a truck, so don’t forget about the costs of insuring your vehicles.

In short, a global logistics business is incredibly vast and complicated, but it’s one of the few industries left where you can make a splash and get global recognition.

Almost every business needs to use logistics at some point to move their products around, so if you have your hand in everyone’s business then you’ll have a future-proof business that’s worth investing in.

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