Your office space is what many of the potential clients or colleagues that enter it will judge your whole business/ work style on. It is one of the aspects of your job/ business that will make them decide to enter into business with you, or avoid you entirely.

Simply, your office space can either help your business, or it can hinder it. As I’ve stated previously, your work space can determine how your co-workers treat you as well. To ensure that it is very much the former, make sure to read on.

Keeping it clean on the outside

The outside of your office space is the first thing potential clients will see of it; so, basically, it is the first impression they will have of your business. This, then, means you absolutely must give precedence to cleaning it and keeping it clean at all times.

This could mean using a pressure or power washing service, such as those found at, in order to professionally wash your office’s windows, its roof or even the sidewalk that leads up to it.

Or, this could mean ensuring the corridor, staircase or elevator that leads to your office is spotless at all conceivable points. If it is not, and a potential client sees any dirt, they may instantly deem your business to be equally dirty.

recall going for an interview sometime in the past when I was still job hunting. Oh jeez, from the entrance of that office, I knew I wasn’t interest in working at that company. Even though the owner tried to sell his business to me and why I should consider working with their team, I wasn’t bought over! And I wasn’t even a prospective client.

Keeping it clean on the inside

But, don’t think that just because your potential client has successfully circumvented the run up to your office without seeing a spot of dirt means that the task is over. No, the task is only just beginning.

Now, you need to prove to them that your business is not just clean for show; no, you need to prove that is it takes cleanliness very seriously. One way to do this is to go further than taking the bins out every time they are full and giving the floor a vacuum every now and again.

No, you need to go further than this and get professional cleaning services to come in and ensure your office is spick and span if not twice a week, than at least once a week, no matter the size of your office or your business.

In fact, it is recommended that you do this even if your business is still in its startup phase as it will show it to be one that takes its office space, and subsequently its work, seriously.

Keeping everything organised

A dirty office is one thing, but a messy and unorganised office is something else. Simply, if a potential client walks into your office and sees an abundance of loose papers and things thrown all over the floors, they won’t take your business’s desire to stay on top of its work seriously.

Thus, they will decide there and then that they won’t be entering into business with you. So, make sure you and your employees put everything back where it needs to go, make sure everybody’s desk is organised, make sure nothing is put on the floor and left there and make sure all chairs are tucked in when not being used.

By doing all of the above, you will not only be keeping potential clients and customers that visit your office happy, but you will be inducing the right kind of working environment for you and your employees/ colleagues to work in.

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