Feeling unsafe at work

This might seem like such a broad question to ask, but do you truly feel safe in your job? Not safe as in your physical safety, but in other aspects as well. Do you feel mentally stable? Is your job secure? Do you feel happy coming into work each day?

Your mental stability is so important and your job or workplace plays an active role in how you’ll generally react. If you’re feeling unsafe, it should naturally result to stress and could affect how you treat loved ones or people around you.

So, now you realize that the feeling of being safe in your job doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t going to be harmed. This article is going to explore a few of the ways you might not feel your job is safe, and how to rectify them.


Some companies can make you feel so worthless when it comes to your job, that you can feel like your job security is on the line all the time. You may be pressured into working long hours and eventually it can take its toll on how you feel towards the role.

But it shouldn’t be this way. If you ever feel as though you’re being pressured into things that aren’t in your contract, you need to go higher up within the company.

If you work in a small company and the person forcing you to do the long hours is your only boss, you need to go and speak to a professional for legal advice. Working more than you should because you’re fearful of losing your job just isn’t right.

If you refuse to work the hours and you’re fired, you can prosecute them for wrongful termination. If this has ever happened to you then go to professionals such as Brady & Associates for advice.

There are so many other ways your job security could feel threatened. For example, women who have fallen pregnant and are due to go on maternity leave could appeal a wrongful dismissal if the dismissal happens after the news is given to the company.


In light of recent news in the media with regards to sexual abuse or harassment in the movie industry, it seems appropriate to talk about how this can affect you in the workplace.

It is commonly known that offices can be rather sexist, especially if the majority of people in there are males. But how can this affect you? It doesn’t have to be physical sexual abuse or comments that can affect you, it can just be the fact that the males in the office get better treatment than the females.

They might have more opportunities, or be given the better jobs to do. If you ever feel victimized in the workplace it should be reported to immediately.

Even if you don’t feel sexually harassed, you just notice that your immediate superiors are nasty towards you it should still be reported. A lot of people reading this will know all too well the negative effects a bad working environment has on productivity, so it isn’t good for you or your boss.

If you’ve read this and thought, “some of this applies to me”, then do something about it rather than accepting that way of life within a role. You should always feel safe and secure no matter what job you do.

If you feel the need to send a private email, please feel free to. Share other ways you feel unsafe at work and I’ll be happy to write on it.

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