There are articles in abundance across the internet that tell people what they should do to keep their employees in check, turning up on time and how to avoid a high turnover.

As an employer, you should be hyper aware of how loyal you are to your employees, rather than how loyal they are to you. The business that you own and nurture is only going to thrive and flourish based on the loyalty of the people who make up each team and each department of your company.

It’s rather likely that you started your business in the first place so that you can be a better employer than ones you have previously experienced, and that is admirable.

But communication and commitment are a two-way street, which means you need to work out how you can be the most loyal employer to your people. You want to keep them motivated, happy and willing to turn up to work on any given day.

You can care about your staff and want them to do well within their role, but you need to show them that you want to protect their interests as well. After all, each member of staff is still a person outside of your business and these are people with dreams and ambitions of their own. So, how can you ensure you are showing the staff the loyalty that they deserve from you?

  1. Promote from within whenever you can. Knowing what the goals are of your staff is important, so if a role comes up that would be perfect for a member of your existing team, don’t advertise outside! This tells them that their own hopes and goals are heard.
  2. Provide flexible working. You can ramp up your IT support and offer your employed parents the chance to work from home or around their children. It may cost a little more, but isn’t it going to be cheaper to ensure that your staff stay with you long term?
  3. Rehire previous staff where you can. When good employees leave, it’s usually down to a lack of opportunity. Parting on good terms where possible is important as one day, you may need those bridges again so that you can call on the old employees for help.
  4. Invest in those you bring on. Make training your biggest offering to your people, and you can ensure that you show them how loyal you are. Bettering those who work for you, so you can raise them through the company shows that you find their skills valuable, and people enjoy feeling valued.

Having an employer who is loyal to their staff is a huge advantage competitively. You want to show people that you care about the best interests of the people who work for you and this will filter through the industry.

If people know you are the type of employer who works to keep people close to the business, they will scramble to work with you and for you. It’s all about finding value in the people you hire, and capitalizing on them.

How have you showed your employees loyalty recently? Share below.

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*This is a collaborative post.