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Let’s be honest, no matter the industry, no matter the profession, no matter how classy or not your office is, there will always be a certain type of co-workers you will find in any workplace.

The workplace is mixed with a bag of various personalities and it’s just understandable after all the world is diverse, so what do you expect? I thought of the several offices I have worked at and I could recount different types of co-workers. I had discussions with some friends, and I will provide our results in this fun article!

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1. The Gossip

This is the person that always has the latest gist or information. This person doesn’t have to wait for you to ask for the news he/she will graciously take the information to you whether you like or not.

This person knows why another co-worker quit his/ her job. This person knows who is getting promoted even before the news is made public. It will always be nice to give yourself some space from the gossip. You don’t want to be seen as another gossip, right? But this person also has the latest info your happy ears want to hear haha.

2. The Idler

This is the one that tries to avoid work. We often wonder why this person is still a staff anyway since he/she makes it a conscious effort to avoid some duties.

This person is a slacker. Most often than not, this person never gets into trouble or is rarely noticed for being idle except your boss runs a tight schedule. On the other hand, those of you that work closely with him/ her know the plain truth.

Oh, I almost forgot! This person arrives work pretty late almost on a daily basis. He/ she takes longer than an hour break and is always munching something all through the day. Or maybe not!

This person also spends so much time surfing the internet for non-work related matters. We believe the best way to handle this person is to try so hard to get regular updates from him/her when you both have to work on a project.

Try to give some motivation too. You don’t want to risk your job really. Hopefully, you are not working in a company where nepotism exists.

3. The Happy One

This person is always happy and very enthusiastic. This person is so chipper and you don’t know how this person does it, but you like that you can get in a brighter mood when you talk to him/ her during a bad day.

We think you need this person around because you could use some sunshine.

4. The Chronic Complainer

This person is always complaining. A complete opposite of the happy one as talked about earlier. This person is constantly complaining about his/ her pay, manager, tasks or even co-workers.

This person consistently reminds you of everything “bad” going on at work. On some days this person may even start complaining of other “terrible” things going on in his/ her life.

In fact, you can’t remember the last time this person made a compliment or was positive in whatever regard. We think you should avoid this person if you can. You don’t need negative energy.

5. The Newbie

There will always be someone considered new in the office. This person will most likely be the new hire no matter how long ago your company recruited. If this person was recently hired, there will be a lot of ambition and zeal to prove anything he/she possibly said during his/ her interview, and it may come off as too much for you.

This person will see everything that needs to be changed or improved on like you never noticed. Please don’t blame him/her, he/she is only excited about the new job or just playing “cool”.

If this person has been at the office for too long (depending on the last recruitment), it could just be that you are finding it difficult to socialize with him/ her. Give it time.

Type of People at Work - Zinny Factor

6. The Chatty One

This person is a chatterbox. He/she doesn’t care about how busy you may be at the moment, or how early it is for a chit-chat. This person is willing to tell you everything going on in his/her life without letting you contribute to the discussion.

This person doesn’t even notice when you zone him/her off because you have a lot to do. You often wonder if they have any work at all!

You would be so unlucky if this person sits right next to you. We think you can politely tell this person: “Hey, I am a bit busy at the moment, let’s talk about this when I am done.” Sometimes, you really have to set boundaries else you may never complete your tasks if you are a person that can’t do much with distractions.

7. The Spender

This person is always asking co-workers to go out for lunch. The restaurant you all end up at is usually an expensive one. You are there asking yourself; “don’t we get about the same pay?”

This person lives an expensive lifestyle, at least from your perspective. lol. When he/she isn’t asking for an “outside” lunch during lunchtime, he/she is telling you the next thing to buy which is usually too expensive for you.

I advise you check your account balance at all times with this person lol.

8. The Fit-Fam

This person is always ready to talk about how he/she is trying to keep fit and stay healthy. This person is ready to tell you how his/her classes went, how many pounds he/she has shed, and how yoga may just be the next thing if possible. We think you can just absorb what you can and discard the rest.

9. The Bestie

This person is your closest friend at work. Somehow you are comfortable with his/ her personality and vice versa. You both have come a long way and complement each other. If you have found this person, cheers to you.

10. The Lifer

This person started working with the company since its inception or at least has been with the company for a really long time. He/she has watched many get hired and leave, yet this person still chooses to be with the company. This person is loyal to the company, truly loves his/her job and is indeed content with being there. He/she may not even care so much about promotion. If you are sort of new to your company structure, he/she may give you good guidance.

11. The Unfriendly One

This person always seems grumpy or uncheerful. You just find it difficult to relate to this person. You greet and smile towards him/her but he/ she doesn’t respond, or at least that is the impression you have. This person may not be in the same department as you, and you most likely don’t know his/ her name.

You both cross paths once in a while and you feel uneasy sometimes. Just be yourself!

What do you think? Do you have anything to add to the list? Let’s have some fun, I would love to hear back from you.

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