Undoing uniforms

If you operate a front-facing business, you’ll inevitably come up against the uniform debate at some stage. Should you offer one, or shouldn’t you?

It’s a tricky dilemma to tackle, that’s for sure. On the one hand, you want to respect your employees as individuals. Freedom of expression is, after all, crucial for a happy workforce.

On the other hand, you want your customers to get a good impression of your business, and uniforms are a sure way to do that. You won’t have to worry about employees turning up in inappropriate clothing. Plus, you can ensure a degree of in-store continuity by using uniforms.

The good news is, like with anything, there are ways around this issue. By thinking outside the box, it’s possible to provide some degree of uniform without harming employee relationships. 

Keep reading to see how.


Accessories are wonderful things. They can make or break any outfit. And, they could make or break the appearance of your staff, too. Instead of offering full uniforms, why not offer staff branded accessories?

That way, you can ensure they represent your values, while still being free to express themselves. Simple options, such as a lanyard around their necks, would make all the difference.

By looking into imprinted options like those offered by Custom Lanyards, you can ensure your staff still represent your brand. These would look stylish and professional all at the same time.

Or, you could opt for hats your staff can wear. Bear in mind that caps or other unflattering options may not go down well. But, if you develop stylish designs with your logo on, you shouldn’t come up with too much resistance.

Plain Uniform

If you want to gain a little more control, why not offer plain uniforms? These, paired with the lanyards or hats mentioned above, could work well.

There’s something unpleasant about wearing a branded uniform.  Let’s be honest; most of them are unflattering. But, a plain uniform is much easier to get right.

Merely ask staff what designs they’d like to ensure they get on board. Then, order plain shirts and trousers in basic colors. This will ensure your team all look the same, and also avoid any unprofessional attire. But, they aren’t as embarrassing to wear as a full-branded affair.


If you can’t step away from the idea of a full uniform, you could always keep your staff happy by offering them options. Most of the time, employees rebel against uniforms due to their lack of choice.

Options ensure that doesn’t happen. Provide a variety of tops and bottoms, all of which work well for different weathers and styles. You don’t have to order all these upfront, of course.

Just provide each employee with a brochure and take orders for what each would like. They’re sure to appreciate the collaborative effort. Plus, you get to ensure that they’re happy with what you give them. It’s the perfect solution, right? As long as everyone’s smiling, you can rest easy.

Do you support the whole idea of wearing uniforms at work or not? I recall wearing white and black as a law student and it wasn’t all easy. Share below, let me hear back from you.

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