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If you’re not sure if you want to continue in your current career, it can be difficult trying to figure out what to do next, especially with so many options available to you. However, there is one simple way to narrow down the choices: take a look at the careers that are expected to grow in the coming years.

With the rise of automation, there’ll be a whole host of jobs that will soon be obsolete, but there are some professions that will do the opposite. If you are an ardent reader of this blog, you already know that I changed my career.

So many times, I receive questions relating to a change of career and I’ve written several posts related to it. I can’t say that I’m a career expert because I only just changed mine a few years ago and I’m still figuring things out as well as my new career in blogging, general writing, vlogging and content creation as a whole.

Below, I’ll share some careers that are on the up based on recent research, studies and a bit of forecast as we have it. 

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The Computer Age

If you thought that the digital revolution has already happened, then think again: we’ve only just got started. The computer industry is going to grow and grow and grow over the coming decades, making it the ideal career option for anyone handy with computers.

Of course, it won’t be enough just to, say, design websites; anyone and everyone can do that now. However, if you specialize in one specific branch of computing, then you’ll be offered more jobs than you know what to do with.

The Aging Population

Millions of jobs will be created in the healthcare industry in the next decade, for one simple reason: there is going to be a lot older adults than there currently are, and they’re going to require more care than the current health workforce can handle.

If you want a job that is both profitable and makes a positive impact, then enroll in medical school and begin working towards becoming a qualified healthcare practitioner. Once you’ve graduated, you’ll be able to pick from plenty of work.

A Second Language

The world is becoming more interconnected with each passing year. The only problem is that people don’t yet have a faultless way to communicate with each other. As such, there’s a big demand for qualified translators, especially in Asia.

If you’ve got a way with languages, then it might just be your ticket to a well-paying job, one that allows you to travel and be involved with the important meetings around the world.

Alternative Energy

The earth is still pretty dependent on fossil fuels, but that won’t be the case for long. Governments and companies around the world are spending huge sums of money researching alternative energy and how to use it.

If you’re a natural problem solver and want to work as part of innovative projects, then put your skills to good use – you’ll have a lot of work coming your way.

A Global Mind

It’s not translators that will be needed in the future. The increasingly interconnected – and complicated – world will need smart people to untangle the complex international trade and law agreements.

If you’re leaning toward working as part of the legal world, then you’d be well advised to focus on the aspects that span borders. Now I’m sure you are wondering why I quit my law career, right?! Haha.


It’s always exciting to change careers. You’ll be happier, challenged, and can be a part of creating the future. Now that’s exciting! However, don’t forget that if you’ve got natural talents and interests, you should strive to explore those areas if that’s what you want.

After all, what’s the good in a career change if you don’t have fun while doing it?

Have you changed your career or do you plan on changing it? Share with me in the comment section. What other area or industry do you think will grow in the future?

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*This is a collaborative post.