Foot-fall is hard enough to maintain and grow without customers walking out before they reach the checkout. And if your customer numbers continue to decline, your entire business might be in jeopardy.

Before you blame the rise of online shopping for your problems, consider some other issues that might be turning customers off. Let’s face it – it doesn’t take much to make a person leave a store they really don’t like.

These few tricks will help you a great deal.

Employees Having Personal Conversations

This is a big turnoff for any customer. It feels rude and can be considered completely inappropriate. When someone is in the store, give them your undivided attention. Personal matters can be discussed after closing.

There is nothing more annoying than having to listen to the latest relationship woes of the staff as you browse. And if that chat is about a personal gripe with the boss, then you might see that same conversation appear on social media. Juicy gossip can bite back! Make sure employees are attentive and professional at all times.


Dirt and grime on the floors, walls and windows can be completely off-putting. And if they’re in a store that sells food, you’re going to find yourself shut down in no time. Make sure your employees and cleaning teams are on point when it comes to matters of hygiene.

If the stock on the shelves is dusty, customers are going to turn and run a mile! Keep everything looking its best, and don’t let dirt take over your store if you have one.

Unpleasant Odors

There are certain chains of stores that all share that same revolting odor. How they all smell that bad is not known. But you know you’re in one of their stores when you catch a whiff of it! Don’t fall foul of foul smelling odors. Stem any leaks in the roof that is leading to damp, musty smells.

Use a scent machine to diffuse a pleasant aroma that is welcoming. Customers might stay longer, and employees might be more enthusiastic about their work!

Pricing Tickets They Can’t Figure Out

A pet peeve in the supermarkets is price tickets that make no sense. Offers of 3 for 2 are great, but not when the price per kilo doesn’t clarify if it’s part of that offer or not. Help your customers make informed choices.

Why confuse them? They simply won’t buy. Worse still, they might go to your competitor instead. Nobody likes to feel mathematically disadvantaged so don’t challenge customers to a math quiz in store. Never leave anything unpriced. It wastes everyone’s time trying to find the cost.

Poor Presentation

Unkempt shelves and stock almost empty looks bad. Keep everything presented well to attract more browsers and sales. Dump bins are not attractive, and stock can get damaged easily. Arrange the items, so they’re easy to identify and pick up.

Remember, your employees should be well presented too. Uniforms should be uniform and not variations on a theme! It should be clear who is there to help and who is there to buy. How do you prevent customers from feeling dissatisfied in store?

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*This is a collaborative post.