As an employer, productivity is a buzz word you’re likely to encounter on a daily basis. To get the best results, you want every person in your team to give their job their all, but how do you go about motivating your employees and encouraging them to aim high?

If you’re the boss, and you’re keen to boost morale, facilitate development and get everyone pulling towards the same goal, you’ve come to the right place.

Ironing out Obstacles

On the pathway to productivity, it’s common to come across obstacles and pitfalls. The sooner you can iron these out, the better. What’s making life difficult for your employees? What’s holding them back? What kinds of suggestions would they offer to improve the day to day running of the business? Talk to your employees and take note.

Are the computer systems dated or unreliable? Do your employees feel like they’re wasting time waiting for pages to load or is it difficult to collaborate on online projects? Listen to feedback, and make changes. Could you benefit from more modern technology or round-the-clock IT support?

Is there software out there that could save time and effort and make it easier for colleagues to work together? Could your team benefit from training or workshops in using specific tools, equipment or software? The smoother the path and the quicker and more cost-effectively you can complete tasks, the better.

Offering Opportunities

One of the main causes of low morale in the workplace is a lack of opportunity. If you feel like you’re treading water in a stagnant pond, you may find it hard to muster up the enthusiasm to go to work each day.

In contrast, if you’re swimming in a stream that is constantly moving, it’s a lot easier to get excited about the prospect of going to work. If you try hard, you’re committed to the cause, and you’re hungry for success, you should be rewarded with opportunities. Training is incredibly valuable for both employers and employees and working towards promotions and positions of greater responsibility can really spur employees on.

Making it Worthwhile

It’s no secret that we try harder in life when there’s something at stake or there’s something to gain. If you’re keen to motivate your team and get the best out of every person, make it worthwhile. You need to be able to provide the answer to your employee’s questions.

What’s the end goal? Why is it worth putting in the effort? What am I going to get out of it? If you expect people to work overtime or you’re asking your team to take on more work, there should be a reward and suitable recognition. Never take anyone for granted. Even small rewards like a meal at a restaurant, an extra day off during the holidays or a day out could make all the difference.

If you rely on a team of people to make your business successful, it makes sense to aim to get the best out of every person. Every company owner wants to promote productivity and find ways of making the business more efficient and economical. If you employ a group of people, hopefully, these tips will enable you to encourage them to aim high.

Share with me below if you are an employer, how have you been able to promote productivity with your team? If you are an employee, how is productivity promoted in your organization?

*This is a collaborative post.