I have to say a big sorry to these two wonderful bloggers. First, Ijeoma of Ijefinelivin.com who nominated me several months ago and Oyinyechi of oyisixtus.com who also nominated me about a few weeks ago.

Once I received these nominations, I was so humbled and had planned to answer the questions as soon as possible. This post has been in my draft folder for some time and despite any excuses I may have, I still think I did wrong by them. So, a huge apology to these awesome ladies. I really hope you find a place in your heart to pardon me *I feel so ashamed.*

The Liebster Award 2017 is an award that exists on the internet and is a form of recognition and award for bloggers. It’s also given from other bloggers and is an opportunity to share bloggers you might know.

I had no clue what this was until I had blogged for a few months. So I’m pleased to know that two awesome bloggers saw me worthy. Check out Ijeoma’s blog, where she shares useful information on health and lifestyle. And don’t forget to check out Onyinyechi’s blog, she’s a lawyer during the day and is so efficient in churning out several blog posts that range from lifestyle topics to career, love, books and more.

General Rules of the Liebster Award

  1. Write a blog post about your nomination, thanking the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog in your post.
  2. List the rules and regulations in your blog post.
  3. Display the award on your blog within the blog post and/or in the sidebar
  4. Provide 11 random facts about yourself.
  5. Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  6. Nominate 5-11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions as well.
  7. List the rules in your post.
  8. Inform the bloggers they’ve been nominated and provide a link to the post about your award.

11 Random Facts about Me

1. When I was still a child, I was an extrovert, along the line, I tilted more into being an introvert. Presently, I feel that I’m more of an ambivert. Sometimes, I’m shy when I’m meeting a person for the first time, but I lose every form of shyness when I’m out in a large crowd or I have to speak to the public. It’s difficult to explain but I’m constantly improving and that’s good to know.

2. My husband discovered that I had a passion for writing. The truth is, my family pretty much had a clue, but no one put so much emphasis on it and I don’t quite blame them because I love to do so many things- drawing, hair making, trying out new food, baking, writing, etc. But, somehow, my husband discovered that I really could spend so much time writing and he kept pushing and motivating me. Zinny Factor wouldn’t be where it is today without him.

3. I’m the first child of a family of four. I’m nine years older than my immediate younger sister, and about fifteen years older than our last born.

4. My full name is Ezinne which means good mother and I literally live out my name. I tend to be so motherly.

5. I’ll rather spend my night at home watching movies rather than go to a club or an all-night event. Occasionally, I do party all night!

6. Since I was the only child for about nine years, it meant that I grew so reserved and did pretty much everything on my own. I can be so independent, but I’m learning to always delegate and get help from time to time.

7. I love hot chocolate and just about anyone knows this. Maybe it’s because I’m an Igbo girl (a tribe in Nigeria) and my family always had cocoa for breakfast almost every morning.

8. I’m not a fan of alcohol because I have a sweet tooth, but once in a while, I try to drink cocktail.

9. I love to relive my childhood. I don’t think life should be so serious and adulty all the time. I think my parents did a good job of making me happy as a child even though we weren’t extremely rich.

10. I plan on owning a dog sometime soon because I’m in love with dogs!

11. I was born and raised in Nigeria, I currently reside in Toronto, Ontario.

If you want to know more about me, you can read this previous post.

Answers to Questions from Ijeoma and Onyinyechi

Since it took me so long to answer questions from both Ijeoma and Oyinyechi, it means that I have about 22 questions to answer! If I answer all, I doubt we’d be done in a jiffy. So I’ll answer 13 questions pulled out from both.

1. What is the wrongest first impression someone ever had about you?

For whatever reason, I’ve had people think that I’m a snub. Because I used to be extremely shy and quiet in the past, I usually wouldn’t start up a conversation until we somehow get to start talking. It’s bizarre because if you know me too well, I laugh a whole lot over silly things. And honestly, I’ll never snub anyone intentionally.

2. Are you a movie or book person? What is the title of your most recent?

Both. I love movies as much as I love to read but because my schedule can be a bit tricky, I tend to watch more movies. My most recent movie is: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Most recent book: A Whole New Mind.

3. What special powers do you wish you had?

I wish I had superpowers like Wonder Woman. I loved her so much as a child and still do.

4. If you were to put one song on repeat which will it be?

It’ll be any music at all as long as it’s pop. Pop just does something special for me. I love some Nigerian songs too.

5. Do you sleep with the lights on or off?


6. What is your comfort food?

Anything with chicken does the trick.

7. What is your pet peeve?

I don’t like dishonest and selfish people and I’m hurt when I actually realize it, especially if I least expected it from the person. But it’s important to never take anything to heart.

8. Who was the last person you told: “I love you”?

My husband. I tell him that every day.

9. What is the first thing you do as soon as you wake up?

I keep snoozing my alarm for at least three times. Then I rush into the washroom. Sometimes, I scroll through my phone after snoozing my alarm over and over again because my alarm is set on my phone.

10. How would you describe the color “red” to a blind person?

I’ll describe it as something hot and attractive.

11. If you were to have lunch with a famous person, who would it be and why?

There are so many people I’ll love to sit with. Right now, I’ll go with Chimamanda Adiche because I absolutely love her storytelling and will love to get some advice from her. Another person will be Charlamagne tha God because I like his personality and honesty. I’ll also love to chat with him over any communication-related topic.

12. What is your first reaction when upset?

I’m extremely quiet when upset and I try to gather my thoughts. I sometimes want to go to a different room that’s empty.

13. Describe yourself in one word?


My Nominees

I’m really not sure about which bloggers to nominate since most of them have been on for quite some time or might have been nominated in the past. However, I’ll share some of the blogs I visit frequently in no particular order. If you’ve never been nominated, please answer these questions. If you’ve been and wouldn’t mind answering my questions, please do so as well.

  • TheUfuoma.com – A travel blog run by Ufuoma and she’s been featured here in the past: READ HERE.
  • KacheeTee.com – A lifestyle blog run by Kachee. It’s light-hearted and has several topics touching diverse areas.
  • PreciousCore.com – A food and lifestyle blog run by Precious. She also has a YouTube channel.
  • LaraTeshola.com – A lifestyle blog ranging from fashion to travel, beauty, etc. It’s run by Lara and she has a YouTube channel.
  • TravelWithAPen.com – A travel blog run by Amarachi, equally light-hearted with several tips.
  • DominikaGoodness – A lifestyle blog run by Dominika for inspiration, lifestyle and more.
  • Pix-ElatedPassion.com – A fashion and lifestyle blog run by Mirabelle.

Please check their blogs out, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

My Questions

  1. Describe your personality
  2. What will you go back in time to change?
  3. What is your favorite food?
  4. What is the most memorable day of your life so far?
  5. Will you rather go out with your friends or stay home to watch a movie?
  6. Who has made a huge impact in your life and why?
  7. List your three top travel destinations and why?
  8. What can’t you go a day without?
  9. Who is your favorite celebrity and why?
  10. What’s your pet peeve?

I hope my nominees don’t take as long as it took me to answer these questions. I hope you enjoyed reading my answers and please share other blogs with me below. If you need to know more blogs, you can read this previous post.

Share with me below, what did you think of my answers. Do you think I did a good job answering these questions?

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