Many things are incredibly difficult about running a business; you don’t need to have done a degree in business to know that there will be many hardships that come your way on occasion.

In fact, difficulties are around every corner, but when it comes to any entrepreneur that’s building up their business, what are the hardest things about being an entrepreneur, in the obvious and not so obvious sense?

The Anxiety

This is the best place to start. For any entrepreneur that is looking at developing a business from the ground up, it is a major investment, not just financially, but emotionally. If you don’t have any gray hairs now, expect to see a few very soon! 

At least we’ve seen from other folks.

The pressure of being responsible for this large entity is immense. That’s not to say that you will collapse in a heap in the corner after running a business for a few months, but you need to start developing coping strategies, not just for you, but for your business.

What will help you succeed is an even temperament. So, think about what helps you to relax, and get back to that base line. It could be exercise, it could be meditation, it could be having a bath, but there are quick ways to de-stress depending on each person.

Have a look at for some quick and effective ways to calm down, especially if you are about to head into an important meeting where there are so many things at stake.

Hardest parts about running a business

The Choices

There are so many aspects that you need to make a definite decision on when you’re running a business, regardless of its size.

So, there may be things that you would benefit from doing, like outsourcing certain tasks, you can do this by scouring the freelancer web pages, or you could think about what your business needs right now, and outsource accordingly.

Technology is one of those minefields that can seem like it is written in another language, especially if you don’t have the technological skills in place. Something like the cloud, for example, is something that every startup company is talking about, but you may not have one iota of an inkling what it is and what it does.

There are plenty of resources online that you can use, has an e-book on the cloud and how it works. But in running a company, the choices aren’t always down to you, so if you can get the right people on board, despite a limited budget, this will help you to get a better understanding of your options, and how you can use them effectively.

That Well Of Courage

Being an entrepreneur means taking lots of risks. This can be something that isn’t easy to grasp, especially when you are a logical thinker. And the entrepreneur is, by trade, someone who takes risks, and if you know this, but you are unable to bring yourself to task just yet, be patient, and go by the old adage of doing something that scares you every day.

Once you get into the habit of not being in your comfort zone, this will make you more ready to take risks. Being an entrepreneur is all about following your gut, but it’s also about developing that fearlessness.

So, with these three points, this gives you a perfect starting point, if you haven’t got one of these, it’s very important to start developing it, your business will benefit infinitely as a result. And by so doing, you’ll be creating employment opportunities for people.

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*This is a collaborative post.