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September 2017

Moving on in business
Entrepreneur's Workplace

When It’s Time To Move On In Business

Business is tricky to conduct on a usual basis, even after a few years when you’re a pro at what you do. Surprises can come around every corner, and there’s no saying what markets will dip and when.

So trying to navigate through and around these, as well as emergencies that crop up in the form of business placement can get your head spinning. Moving on in business doesn’t have to mean you’re giving up on what you do, it can mean you’re out to grab bigger and better things.

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Entrepreneur's Workplace

Risks Of Employee Multitasking

An employee who can multitask is a wonderful thing. They can handle anything you throw at them, never dropping the proverbial ball, and always managing to get their work done on time.

An employee who is able to cope with a variety of different assignments – even those that are outside of their official job description – is an employee worth hanging onto.

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Adriel Gavazza: IT Specialist, Health & Fitness Enthusiast

Fitness is really important and not only for workers. For a long time, I’ve always admired people who strive to improve their health and fitness lifestyle. I’ll be sincere that I’ve been hard on myself for a while. I ask myself if they have more than the same number of hours in a day to be productive and make a conscious decision to live a healthy lifestyle.

Some weeks ago, I decided to feel inspired and went ahead to interview two wonderful people on their healthy life choices. The first was Adriel Gavazza and you’ll learn more about him in this post. 

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Career Change, Getting Ahead

5 Tips to Improve your Communication with a Co-worker

I receive several questions from time to time from readers which sort of relate to how to deal with another employee at work or a boss. Most times, it all boils down to communication which can be quite tricky because everyone is unique and there is no one way to treat everyone.

And it dawned on me. I’ve been giving advice to my readers on how to work with people, for the benefit of others it’ll be a great idea to share general manners on how to communicate with co-workers in the workplace.

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