This week has been the longest, true story!

I thought to update the inspiration category of the blog as it’s been a while since I last did that. I recall publishing something quite similar here.

You know what’s funny? I’ve had this post drafted for some time and I was going to publish it last week Friday, but I hesitated. One of the reasons is because I don’t necessarily publish posts on Fridays if you’ve noticed.

I’m working towards sticking to a schedule, but of course, I understand that things may change every once in a while and it may be affected. Also, I don’t want to put out too much content so much that you barely have enough time to absorb it.

I try to take note of every thing as best I can. And I put you first too!

But this week has been one I won’t be forgetting in a while. And so I thought it was about time I published this post after several tweaking, editing, and adjustments here and there.

For the longest time, I’ve never been one to wait impatiently for Friday. But if I’m being honest right now (even as I type this post), I’ve been waiting for Friday all week.

Now it’s here. I’m elated and I need to just relax…because I need it. I’ll be blunt: TGIF!!!

This week made me reflect a whole lot.

However, let’s be totally honest, many workers look forward to Friday like their lives depend on it. Some workers go as far as announcing to whoever cares to listen on a Monday, how much they can’t wait for it to be Friday.

Sometimes, I’m of the impression that that’s why most entrepreneurs speak badly about the idea of 9-5.

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Generally, Fridays are one of the days I’m extremely productive (not sure why). But it’s also a day when some workers are so excited to leave their workplace and head out!

It’s somewhat confusing as one can’t really tell if these workers hate their jobs or if they just want some time to rejuvenate as every normal person would.

However, this week, I came to that point where I had to think deeply. I truly wanted the week to end already. Coupled with the fact that I had intended to get the weekend rolling in my own direction.

For now, I still can’t give a concrete solution on how to go about handling the TGIF feeling, but I can share with you what kept me going this week when I was almost running out of being positive.

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It’s the question: “Are you living a well-rounded life?”

Each time I asked myself this question, I always remembered some things that happened in the past.

When I wanted to start blogging, I gave myself numerous excuses as to why I shouldn’t delve into it. There were many bloggers out there doing great stuff at this thing called blogging. I’m somewhat an introvert and I wouldn’t want to come out of my shell (not like I have anyway)!

I wasn’t a professional writer and so lacked experience. I’ll give up on blogging sooner than I think because I gave up on quite a lot of things in the past to be fair.

I gave up on singing. I had recorded a number of songs in an album – nothing serious people! I made use of a tape recorder back in the days. I felt I sounded off beat so I quit. Frankly, I don’t think I’d have pulled it off as a singer anyway.

I gave up on drawing or making sketches. I had quite a number of my personal collection but one day, I just stopped for whatever reason. Now I draw depending on my mood.

I gave up on my French classes which I totally regret. But to play devil’s advocate, I wasn’t communicating in a French speaking environment, so it was a tad bit difficult for me to retain the language.

I can go on and on but I’ll save you the stress of reading everything.

That explains why anytime I give the slightest hint that I’m about to give up on something, my family screams: “Give uper!” to bring me back to caution and remind me why I shouldn’t. It’s always funny when they do.

But these excuses were even pardonable. Because it took me about two more years to eventually start blogging.

The dumbest and most stupid excuse that I gave myself was: “I’ll die someday anyway and why bother starting the blog? Who will continue writing when I’m gone?”

But then, my fiancé (who was my boyfriend at the time) told me: “Your child will read it someday and it will inspire him/ her.”

Then I viewed an entirely different approach of what he had just said.

It wasn’t just about writing or blogging about what I’m passionate about, working on my career or inspiring others. It was more of a different perspective in my view.

It was more about living a well-rounded and balanced life style. And in turn, it’ll affect others around me and inspire them.

Of what use would it be if I go to work every day, do my fair share of the bargain and fail to express my opinions in the best way that I know how to: blog?

I’m of the opinion that life should be lived. Do nothing to harm yourself, but do things to bring out the very best in you and others.

And as workers, it means we should explore every aspect of our existence. To not forget your relationships, family, life. It means to discover what your hobby may be and spend some considerable amount of time blossoming in the joy that it brings to you.

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So I made up my mind that it’s okay to look forward to another Friday. It’s certainly alright to want to have some fun in moderation. But I’ll also improve myself in every other angle no matter what it takes.

I’ll work towards building my career and showing love to everyone. Taking additional classes that could improve my skills. I’ll improve my finances and spend more time trying to keep fit.

I’ll continue to publish articles that motivate or inspire someone out there just as it has to me. I’ll endeavor to live a well-rounded life.

Now your turn, was your week stressful too? Were you looking forward to Friday as well and do you know why you were?

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