Everyone loves to talk about how they lack motivation on their jobs. Okay, not everyone, but almost everyone.

Sometimes, I think some workers have become so used to complaining  so much that they don’t realize that it’s become the norm. Like, one can even hear their thoughts.

In a previous article, I discussed how to discover if you lack motivation, because I was of the opinion that that was the first step to take. But, I also feel that inspiration has a way of influencing motivation.

That explains why I started out the inspiration category on the blog. I was of the opinion that we all need something or someone to inspire us to seek out the best in life, which of course, would include our jobs!

I still want to maintain this stance. I like to feel inspired, but I’d love to know what you think in the comment section. So please leave one behind!

It’s important to note that sometimes it may not be a change of career that you need, it may be some form of motivation on the job that you desire.

I decided to share a few tips that I’ve tried in the past to help you increase motivation at work, if this is what you need. Motivation is really important because it helps increase productivity at work.

  1. Be Willing to Explore

It’s possible that the reason why you feel bored and low at work is that you are too content with your daily routine. Don’t be. Ask for other exciting tasks or create different ways of solving an issue.

Avoid using one particular format to do your job daily. Push! push!! Push!!! Sometimes tasks become monotonous because we fail to try out other approaches.

Also, let other colleagues at work motivate you. Imagine other jobs at work that you may love to do and try to get involved. Volunteer to do other things at the office that you may find interesting and useful to your career.

Motivation at work is something to be considered, what do you think?!

  1. Find a Hobby

For the longest time, I told myself that I wanted to write. I started a blog before this blog: Zinny Factor. But I never wrote any post on that blog because I wasn’t even sure of what I wanted to write on, and I wasn’t making any serious effort frankly.

When I made up my mind on Zinny Factor, I wasn’t going to let laziness get the better part of me. I may not be where I’ve always wanted to be with my second career in blogging/ vlogging, but nurturing my hobby has made my life more fulfilling.

During your free time start doing those things you love. Don’t just think of it. Practice it. People tend to sit and talk about what they’ll love to do but never really do it.

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The more you do things you love, the happier you’ll be. Once you start trying out your hobbies you’ll be happy and when you get back to work, you’ll naturally transfer that happiness to your job.

Do this by listing out your current interests. Then consider which one you value most, and pay close attention to it.

If possible, you can try out a hobby that may relate to your job in one way or the other. It’s entirely up to you. All that is important is for you to do something that relaxes you and gives you pleasure because it’ll increase your motivation level.

3. Make a list of Possible Issues

It may be that there are external factors making you feel unmotivated or bored and tired of work. So create a list of these issues. Write out everything in your life that is a challenge.

Notice I wrote “challenge” not “problem”. The next thing is to work towards solving those issues. You need to identify issues that may be affecting you negatively before you can solve them.

Once you are able to resolve this, then you’ll have the burden off your shoulders and possibly increase your motivation.

  1. Positive Affirmations

Ensure that you use positive words daily. This will improve your level of motivation. I’ve written extensively on how to stay positive in several posts because I wasn’t always a positive person.

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I was far from positive and saw the worst in every situation. I’m not perfect because the world makes these things difficult to do honestly. But I’m thankful that I’m far from being a negative person who breeds on ill-mannered circumstances.

Don’t beat yourself up either!

Consistently remind yourself that you are the best at what you do because you actually do love your job deep within you, right?

  1. Manage your Time

It could also be that the workload you have is what is making you feel demotivated. So cultivate the habit of always writing out your tasks daily. Allocate time frames to each task. Maximize that time and make sure you don’t carry over any task.

As you complete each task, cross it off the list and give yourself a pat. Also, ensure that you have completed your task before offering to help another person. This will help you use your time wisely and keep you going.

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Another thing to consider here is that if you notice some unpleasant tasks on your list you can alternate it with pleasant tasks. This way, the pleasant tasks will cover up those ones that may make you feel bored for a while.

Do not waste time thinking of how unpleasant doing the task will be, rather imagine how happy you’ll feel once the task has been completed. Also, ensure that you do not procrastinate and remember to take your much-needed breaks.

  1. Clear your Desk Area

This can be really helpful. Sometimes what you really need is a clear desk area to have good concentration. You may have low motivation because you are not even sure of what your tasks are, given the clutter on your table.

So clear your desk/ table area and move towards getting positive energy.

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If possible, decorate your workspace. Make it look beautiful. Let its beauty be one of the things that you long to see every day.

  1. Communication

Another reason that may create lack of motivation in the workplace may be as a result of poorly communicated issues. If this is the case, please read my previous articles HERE and HERE.

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When you improve your communication skills then several workplace issues can be effectively communicated to the management.

If you found this article useful, I’ll be happy to know that. If you also need more information on how to stay motivated at work, please leave a comment and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Please share how do you stay motivated at work? Leave a comment behind, I love to hear from you!

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