It’s another Friday!

Excited? Isn’t it funny how most people hate Mondays and are totally in love with Fridays?

I’m indifferent. Actually, Monday is one of my favorite days of the week, not like I care. But on Mondays, I’m usually recharged and ready to take control of the week.

I also look forward to Fridays. Don’t get me wrong, I love to have some free time and Friday reminds me of Saturday and Sunday.

I pretty much handle my personal matters on weekends which is why I like Fridays. So yes, let’s TGIF!

You get the drift?

I think my favorite day of the week is Wednesday. That day of the week just feels so perfect and surreal to me. It always feels right, like a good dream.

Anyway, today’s post is not about favorite days of the week per se. But since most workers love Fridays because it brings forth the weekend, I thought it would be nice to share few ways you could relax after a long week.

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1. Pursue a Passion

I’ve read countless articles on how successful people spend their weekends because heaven knows that I want to be successful. One common thing I’ve noticed is that these successful people tend to spend their weekends on their passion/ hobbies.

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Warren Buffett, billionaire investor plays the ukulele in his spare time. Former president of the US, Barack Obama, golfs during his spare time, alongside attending other sporting events like basket ball and baseball.

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Fueling your passion doesn’t only help relax you during weekends, but it also builds your creative side which can be applied to your job performance.

I encourage you to find your passion or interests and spend time on it during weekends. You’d feel accomplished every Monday morning.

2. Spend time with family

If you work a full-time job it could be very difficult to feel connected to your family during the week. Keep weekends aside to spend time with loved ones and family.

Personally, I believe that family should always come first. And then, there are those people who have gradually become family although not blood-related.

After a long week of work, it’ll be a good time to reconnect and feel that bond with family.

Even billionaire Mark Cuban, who appears to be very busy, especially when we see him on the TV as a Shark, switches to Dad mode at home.

3. Sleep

On some weekends, what you really need is a good long sleep to get back in shape. Some weeks can be so demanding and exhausting. In this case, lost sleep has to be regained.

According to Arianna Huffington, the one thing that’ll make everything better in your life is sleep.

I was telling a friend just the other day that; I may not sleep well during the week but I certainly don’t toy with my weekend sleep.

I can’t even explain how relaxing it can be to sleep for long on Friday night into Saturday.

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4.Unplug/ Tune Off

This is really needed and I’ve come to realize it over time. I take frequent breaks off social media/ phone most weekends, or at best, at a certain time of the day.

But nothing beats unplugging during weekends.

It can be difficult to do this with the increased use of smartphones and a demanding career, but if you can schedule one or two hours to detox, at least on a Saturday, you’d certainly appreciate it.

And maybe thank me later. Haha. Such a shameless plug!

5. Go out and have some fun

Over time, I’ve come to understand that what I call fun may not be the same for another. So this should be considered in relation to what you call fun.

All the same, do something nice and spontaneous because, as workers we need to live and let live.

Go to the park. Visit a museum. Visit the zoo. Spend a night in a cozy hotel room.

Go food tasting. Wine tasting. Discover new restaurants. Go partying. See a movie. Read a book. Take pictures. Ride a bike. It doesn’t have to be something that’ll cost you so much money.

Relax. Unwind. Recharge. Reboot. Live.

Trust me, you don’t want to work all week and yet not do something relaxing on weekends. All the same, don’t do anything out of proportion.


  1. Make a conscious choice on what you want to do for the weekend. It’ll be great to plan ahead of time.
  2. Plan out events for the weekend. You don’t have to plan each hour but have a logical plan for the day.
  3. Start small and move on.
  4. Personal things are better done in the morning hour of weekends e.g take a run, clean up, etc.
  5. Have fun on Sundays to avoid having Sunday night blues.
  6. Select a time of the day to turn off phones so that you have more time to take care of you.

Now to you, what plans do you have for the weekend? Will you start making more intentional plans for your weekend?

Share with me in the comment section below, I love reading your comments.

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