It’s another new month! Excited much?

April wasn’t a bad month. If not for anything, the weather was fairly good. That’s something to be pleased about.

Everyone has been excited about Cherry blossoms and even though I wasn’t able to go to the park to take a selfie, due to so much traffic because the people in Toronto are extremely excited about Spring, at least I’ve been able to see a few around and pictures.

Trust me, I actually attempted to visit the park. But once we sighted the traffic, we took a U-turn.

Since it’s the beginning of the month, I’d love to recount how April went at my end. I’d also be sharing with you anything I learned in the month of April and maybe it will inspire you.

I thought to blog lightly today because I want to share some part of me with you. This should be a community and irrespective of the fact that I blog more on workplace issues, you should have a fair idea of how things are going at my end. You should know one or two things about me because I shouldn’t be a stranger.

I’d also love to hear back from you, to know how things are going at your end. Was last month good? What plans do you have to correct any mistakes and so on?

I want to hear from you and know you better, but to do that, I should be willing to take the first step.


Honestly, April wasn’t really a good blogging month and I acknowledge that. And that’s why I decided to at least leave a post here on the first day of this new month with the hope that I’d keep this light burning.

I’ll be honest with you, I love blogging because naturally, I’ve always loved writing. And I love to write very casually and less technical. So yeah, blogging has always been in my heart and I buried the idea for a long time until I couldn’t take it anymore and started the blog.

Lately, it’s appeared to be stressful and I must say that I’ve thought of giving up at several points. But, somehow blogging is the only thing I’ve never been able to quit on because I actually enjoy it, especially writing about the workplace.

In April, I battled with myself a lot, quite frankly. I questioned whether I was creating value at all.

In my weak moments, some beautiful readers sent an email or two and let me know that I was doing a good job. It was encouraging and I was particularly excited to help solve some work related challenges that a particular reader had.

If you regularly send feedback, thank you, it means a lot.

It’s not been easy delving into blogging only to discover that there are a million other bloggers doing a great job in some recognized niche or area and I’m at a different end entirely.

It’s been sort of a struggle to keep my head up. To decide that I really want to write on things related to the workplace and focus on that. I learned in April to be true to myself. To appreciate what I love to blog about.

To write on the area I want to, from the depth of my heart. To live and let live, and to just be me.

These past months, I’ve also been featured on two blogs. Check out Ufuoma’s blog, where I shared some tips on travelling while working full-time. Ufuoma runs a travel blog. Her blog has a lot of travel experience, advice, and tips. You should check it out if you love to travel.

I was also featured on Temitoria’s blog and I shared everything about my happy place. Temi runs an inspirational blog and you should check her blog out.


I work in the IT industry and my job has been one of the best things going on in my life.

I love every aspect of it and I love the fact that I have autonomy. The team is amazing. If I decide to write about how I got my current job, I’d probably never stop writing, but maybe I’d soon have a reason to make a post on that. Let’s see how it goes.

Because I am a person of faith, I’d say that God has been amazing. I had a lot of work experience to take out of last month. I’m hoping to get better at my job with more training and determination.

I am thankful.


I have rekindled my love for pictures, or so I love to think. The weather has been amazing too so it’s been such a great combination. These days I’d leave the house without make-up, just to take a picture. It’s sort of therapeutic for me.

It doesn’t help that my fiancé is a photographer on weekends, so you can imagine. In April, I started taking some pictures on my own and you should have been seeing some of them on Instagram.

I wish you could understand the emotions that pictures bring for me. I’m also learning to take pictures of random things and I hope to get better. I love art so much so this is a big deal for me.

These pictures are really just for personal use and to keep memories.


As always, I’m still a couch potato struggling with my exercise schedule. If you are wondering how I get to watch several movies. The secret is this: I watch a movie or an episode last thing every night before I go to bed. It’s so refreshing and relaxing for me.

After a long day, it’s the best alternative to a massage for me. I would love to read a good book, but because I’m somewhat astigmatic, it can be a struggle to read especially after staring at the computer all day.

My go-to remedy to reduce the day’s stress is a good movie, a cold glass of water/drink, and a light meal.

Read5 Drama Series every Worker should Watch

Of course, I saw a lot of movies in April, but one of the best so far is: ’13 Reasons Why’. I think everyone should see this Netflix drama series. The story is so on point. The acting, directing, cast, etc. is great too. I loved the plot because I could relate to it in entirety.

I don’t want to be a spoiler, but many people often feel that everyone can handle words in similar ways. People are different and I keep saying this: not everyone has a strong coping mechanism.

Be conscious of what you say to anyone, in and out of the workplace.

If you have some time, please go watch this drama series. It’s a good one and I had a few minutes of tears too. Yeah, it was that deep!

This is a brief recap of April for me. In summary, I learned to appreciate blogging. I also hope that my inspiration level increases so that I can come up with better ideas for Zinny Factor.

I learned more on my job and I’m working on getting better at work. I’m improving my photography skills (because it’s relaxing and as workers, we should have relaxing hobbies).

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I also enjoyed watching movies and as always, I’ve recommended a new drama series for you if you haven’t seen it. I learned quite a lot from the drama series.

How was April for you? Learned anything new? Please share and I wish you a beautiful month ahead!

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