Moving into Management: How to Get There

Today on the blog, we’d have something slightly different from the norm. I’ve always been amazed when I hear some fallacies about being a worker or employee because I have come across some workers who really love their jobs and find ways to stay happy while at it.

Asides from this, I also thought that it will be a great idea to listen to other workers and receive some great tips from them.

If you ask me, even as an employee, you are still your own boss to a certain extent especially if you practice autonomy at your job. Since this is generally a workplace blog, it won’t be a bad idea to stir up inspiration in the right direction, so we’d be hearing from some workers in diverse industries over time.

I’ll be reaching out to workers in different fields from time to time to get their perspectives on certain work-related issues. I am of the opinion that hearing from these people, in random jobs, could inspire and create something good for a reader.

I got in touch with a worker who would rather remain anonymous. If you’d love to be interviewed (anonymous or not), please send me an email: [email protected]. This is our first interview on the blog! *whoop whoop*


1. Can you briefly give details of your job and what you do at work?

I work with my team in the professional services department to implement our software for clients. My role involves integrating our software with the software already used by the client.

2. Where you currently working another job when you got your recent job? If yes, why did you decide to leave the job?

No, I left my job in my home country, which was slightly related but less technical, and relocated to study. I got my current job after my studies.

3. For the sake of people trying to leave their present jobs for valid reasons, how were you able to get your current job? Please give tips.

Have a direction, know the kind of job you want, build skills needed for that role, learn the language used in that role. Apply it, kill the interviews, and if you don’t do well at an interview, learn from mistakes by asking professionals that know what is expected and perfect your next interview.

4. Often times, workers complain of being bored or disengaged at work. How do you stay engaged at work? Kindly give us tips that help you stay mentally alert.

Whenever I have the bandwidth for more work, I either read up on my work related topics or offer to help my colleagues with more workload.

5. How did you find your first few days at your present job and how were you able to pull through?

Scary and overwhelming. Experience is the best teacher. I was willing to work hard, and in little time, I was able to catch up and excel.

6. Have you ever had to deal with a difficult person at work? How did you handle the situation?

There are always difficult people at work, but your attitude towards people should be subjective to people’s attitude towards you. I tweak my level of patience to match different people. I also listen to people and genuinely want to hear their point of view, that way I send a message of discussion rather than argument.

Thank you so much for these answers.

I hope you found this interview valuable. If you enjoyed it, please feel free to share with friends using the ‘share buttons’ above and below. If you want more input or need clarifications, please feel free to do so in the comment section.

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